Proposed multi-purpose building, Stroud Showground

Submissions closed on 22 October 2018, 06:00 PM

Stroud Showground.JPG

As part of our work with the Stroud Showground Management Committee to restore and upgrade facilities damaged during the 2015 storm event, we're preparing for the construction of a multi-purpose building.

We've already undertaken a number of repairs to the facilities, and now have the multi-purpose building and tennis facilities to complete.

  • Construction of the tennis facilities, including the clubhouse will commence shortly
  • We have drafted a preliminary design for the multi-purpose building, that combines a number of facilities previously located throughout the showground. 


Now is your opportunity to tell us how you'll use the multi-purpose building

We value feedback from our community, and in order to finalise the design for Stroud Showground's new multi-purpose building, we're asking you to tell us:

How do you see the local community using this building?

Remember to think forward to where Stroud will be in another 10 or 20 years. Some examples for its use might be: as an indoor sports facility, for weddings or funerals, for community events or concerts... 

Make sure you have your say by emailing your ideas, by 6pm on Monday 22 October 2018.

Your ideas and comments will provide valuable discussion points at a community information session to be held on Thursday 25 October, 6 - 7pm, at the Stroud Country Club. RSVP's are not required and we encourage everyone to come along to participate in this important forum.