Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan / Bike Plan

Submissions closing on 11 December 2020, 04:30 PM


The purpose of the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) / Bike Plan is to provide a strategy to deliver improved pedestrian access, accessible footpaths, shared pathways, cycleways, bike facilities and community pedestrian / cycle systems to ensure effective links for our community.

These links will contribute to health and wellbeing outcomes of our communities by encouraging active recreation and to encourage the incorporation of active transport networks into future development thus promoting positive environmental and social outcomes.

A key component of developing a meaningful PAMP / Bike Plan was the planned consultation with stakeholders. Engagement with the community was achieved through interactive workshop sessions which were held in eleven locations across the Council area and attracted 156 attendees.

The online surveys were run in conjunction with the consultation session. The survey aimed to gather information on how often and where people walk and cycle, issues they face while walking and cycling and the type of facilities which the community would like to see provided.

A total of 396 responses were received to the online survey. This collected information was the basis for the draft PAMP / Bike Plan and allowed for the plan to be arranged by villages and townships to capture the unique desires for each locality. Key data from the survey information collected, such as demographics, reason for walking / cycling and identifying key destinations are highlighted for each locality. Most importantly, the draft plan explores the specific barriers that discourage or prevent participation in walking / cycling and is the basis for developing the programs contained in the PAMP / Bike Plan.

All data, requests and suggestions have been collated into a program of specific projects.

Mapping of the projects has also been incorporated into the PAMP / Bike Plan to assist in readily identifying all of the projects for each community. It is intended to place the draft PAMP / Bike Plan on public exhibition to seek comments from the community. This will allow for final amendment where necessary and allow the plan to be reported back to Council for adoption.

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