MidCoast Cultural Plan 2036

Submissions closed on 26 October 2020, 04:30 PM


We are developing a Cultural Plan to support the strengthening of our creative community and invigoration of our local economy.

The first round of engagement for the plan was held in July 2020 with more than 650 members of the community sharing their ideas, beliefs and passions. This feedback has helped to shape a vision for the Cultural Plan that is anchored in local conversation and research. 

The second round of engagement will run from 30 September to 26 October and asks community for their feedback on the draft vision and four key areas of the Cultural Plan.

Feedback provided by the community, will help us prepare the Cultural Plan that aims to build stronger communities and support the creative and cultural life of residents, workers and visitors. 

Why are we developing a Cultural Plan?

The MidCoast is home to a diverse number of communities that each have their own unique story. Yet from freshwater to saltwater, bush to beach, MidCoast also shares a strong sense of belonging, community and history. The Cultural Plan is about so much more than a pretty picture. It is about identifying how our community can come together to celebrate our unique story, and finding ways to make this easier for us all to do, whether that be by freshening up our places, finding out more about our history and each other, or simply getting together (online or offline) and having fun in new inspirational ways.

We also want to identify how we can leverage our unique story to help strengthen and diversify our local economy. We know from other regional towns that arts and culture can help transform villages and towns - for example, Tamworth is known for its music festivals, Dungog for its film festival and places like Christchurch, New Zealand, for its urban renewal.

The Cultural Plan will look at specific local opportunities to better use existing facilities and resources so that we can do much more with less and harness the positive energy in the community! The plan will prioritise projects, support cultural infrastructure projects, leverage Council and community groups with State and Federal funding bodies, as well as further educate the community about the value of culture.

What is a Cultural Plan?

The importance of cultural planning extends beyond arts and culture, recognising the broader lifestyle of residents, economic impacts and the experience of visitors. Cultural planning is about supporting the creative, artistic and cultural aspects of a place and the community.

The MidCoast Cultural Plan 2036 also seeks to improve relationships and partnerships, with Council playing a leadership and facilitation role. We acknowledge the contribution and hard work of our community and the arts and cultural sector to the cultural life of the MidCoast. We want to unlock potential investment to maximise potential cultural impact across the region.

The Cultural Plan is prepared around four key areas that respond to community priorities identified in earlier consultation: 

  • Landscape and public spaces: The rich and diverse tapestry of landscapes across MidCoast Council that can be improved through culture.
  • First nations and cultural diversity: MidCoast Council recognises what was and always will be Aboriginal land and many nationalities that now call it home.
  • Creatives and industry: The region has a vibrant creative community made up of individual artists, collectives and cultural practitioners.
  • Infrastructure and spaces: Facilities and services that improve our health and wellbeing, are catalysts for economic development and a home for cultural exhibition and production.

Who should get involved?

Everyone! Start the conversation with family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues – what part of your day could do with a little creativity?

Would your morning coffee be better with a little live music? Could a local artist make a particular wall their canvas? Is there an empty shop front that would be perfect for a dance studio? Or is there a talented student that needs support to become the next entrepreneur?

The word 'culture' can mean something different to everyone. Some may think of it as being associated with the arts or participating in a cultural experience like a festival or sporting match, for others it's about language or tradition. For us on the MidCoast, and for the purposes of this Cultural Plan, we have defined culture as a mix of all those things - it's a part of our everyday life - the way we live and the way we spend our time.

Provide feedback and get involved!

The second round of engagement for the cultural plan will run from 30 September to 26 October. There's a range of online events planned, as well as a survey and smaller face-to-face opportunities for locals of have their say.

Get involved by:

  1. Completing a survey
    a.    In a hurry? Jump into the 5 minute survey
    b.    Got a bit longer?  Our 10 minute survey is for you

  2. Visiting the Inspiration Wall - Got a great project to share? Upload it to our Inspiration Wall and while you're there check out other cultural projects happening cross Australia 

  3. Registering for a webinar - We're excited to bring you some amazing speakers via Zoom later in October. For now, please leave your contact details and we will be in touch over the coming weeks with more information. Register your interest here

  4. Read the Discussion Paper - to find out more and see how your feedback is helping shape the Cultural Plan   
    Discussion Paper(PDF, 2MB)

  5. Share this page and links with family and friends - the more people sharing their ideas and feedback the better!