Infrastructure Zones Review

For completion by June 2019

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We’re currently reviewing our infrastructure zones, the areas of land set aside for essential facilities and systems that service households and businesses across the region.

As part of “Zoning in on our future”, we’ll be streamlining our planning framework to ensure we apply the same planning rules to infrastructure zones across the three regions, particularly where infrastructure like roads and rail lines cross the now non-existent boundaries between regions. These zones provide for significant state, regional and local infrastructure that we use in our daily lives, including:

  • Roads, bridges and footpaths

  • Railways and our airport

  • Water supply and sewer services

  • Gas, electricity and telecommunications networks

  • Our hospitals and emergency services

  • Drainage and stormwater management

  • Waste management facilities

Why are the infrastructure zones being reviewed?

Developing a consistent framework will simplify the way we manage these zones, and provides an opportunity to facilitate a co-ordinated, efficient and financially sustainable approach for future planning.  Our focus will also be on identifying land that should not be zoned for infrastructure because of its ownership, use or environmental value.

The Infrastructure Zones review is one part of an overarching project - Zoning in on our future - to develop a clear, consistent planning framework that will guide the way we manage land use across the entire region.

Thanks for your interest in helping us to "Zone in on our future". The current Infrastructure Zones review is part of an overarching project to review and consolidate land use across the entire MidCoast region. Complete the form below by indicating which project/s you would like to be kept updated about and get involved in.

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