Housing Strategy

For completion by June 2019


We're currently zoning in on the zones used for planning across the MidCoast region, and our residential zones are no exception.

Residential zones apply to where we live in our towns and villages. We have a variety of housing available in the MidCoast, catering for the full cross-section of households that make up our unique community - from high rise buildings in and around Forster, to the houses in our suburbs.

As well as putting our residential zones under the microscope, the Housing Strategy will also look at the tourism zone, our villages and rural residential lots.

Our aim in developing the Housing Strategy is to provide a planning framework for residential land that:

  • is responsive to the character of our towns and villages

  • addresses the needs of our future population

  • allows for a mix of housing choice

Why are the residential zones being reviewed?

We have different residential zones being used across all three former regions, so now’s the time to review our planning rules and make them consistent across the MidCoast. The opportunity also presents itself to make sure our residential zones provide the flexibility to meet our future housing needs, all the while ensuring the character of our unique towns and villages is maintained.

The Housing Strategy is one part of an overarching project - Zoning in on our future - to develop a clear, consistent planning framework that will guide the way we manage land use across the entire region.

Thanks for your interest in helping us to "Zone in on our future". The Housing Strategy is just one part of the bigger picture, which involves reviewing the different zones used across the entire MidCoast region. Complete the form below by indicating which project/s you would like to be kept updated about and get involved in.

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