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The Tea Gardens waterfront was the site for the significant timber industry which was at its peak in the 1880s to early 1900s. Timber was cut in the Bulahdelah area, transported to Tea Gardens by droghers, unloaded and stored and then transhipped by sailing vessels to markets around Australia. 

Hawks Nest / Tea Gardens was a major timber port in the early 1800s. Timber was moved from catchment areas by river traffic to storage in Tea Gardens, before being transported to markets in Sydney and Newcastle. In those days, settlers had to rely solely on river transport and the timber was originally transported to Tea Gardens by pole driven punts. 

The Chamber of Commerce initially took on this project and canvassed the local Primary School. Feedback showed a preference for the historical use of the river rather than early settler names, an agreement readily accepted by a number of their descendants.

The Progress Association with support from prominent groups in the area has put forward naming options for the three wharves in Marine Drive Tea Gardens.  

About this consultation

We are consulting with the community on appropriate names for the three wharves located on Marine Drive, Tea Gardens.

These are familiar landmarks and the area has strong historical connections to the timber industry of the 1880-1900s.

It has been suggested that the wharves' names reflect the importance of this time and what it meant for the area.

Three suggestions have been made and are open for consideration, as well as any other names people would like to include.

Option One: 'The Salamander'

With the advent of steam, paddlewheel droghers were introduced in the early 1900’s, replacing the punts and among them were the “Salamander” (Sally) and the ”Ability”, both of which used mooring sites exactly where the current public wharves are now located.

Option Two: 'The Ability'

See above.

Option Three: 'The Yalinbah'

The current ferry wharf which will revert to a public wharf could be named “Yalinbah” in memory of the vessel which plied the Port, river and lakes with groceries, mail and passengers and locally known as the Yally.In 1927, the “Super Dreadnought” was introduced into the Port and renamed the “Yalinbah” (Yally). It was modified to carry passengers, mail and provisions throughout the Port, River and Lakes and we believe it to be a perfect remembrance by naming the current ferry wharf Yalinbah.

Other name suggestions are welcome

We’re also seeking any other suggestions for names for the wharves. The feedback form below has space for you to suggest your own preferred name, but you will need to provide your reasons for your preferred name for your suggestion to be considered.

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