Walking the Waters

Manning River Turtle.png

The Manning River turtle is an ancient and endemic species of freshwater turtle only found in the Manning River catchment. Not well known and not well studied, help is needed to better understand their ecology, particularly their nesting habits. While the platypus is an iconic Australian animal that is well known in the area, it is not well documented. Dr Gilad Bino will show us how he is studying the platypus in the Manning, and how you can help.

Both these species are very vulnerable to predation from pests when they venture on land, along with many landscape changes that impact our water ways.

Join Dr Gilad Bino, Andrew Steed, the Manning River Turtle Group and more, for a hands-on practical experience:

  • Identify key habitat features - what to look for/how to look/ when to look
  • Get involved and record information using citizen science apps
  • Identify keys risks, threats and what to do - including a mock raided nest, fox scat/predation and diggings

Note: This is a FREE event. Registration is essential.

Participants must be over 6 years and wear enclosed shoes. Please download TurtleSAT & iNaturalist prior to attending the event


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  • Saturday, 08 October 2022 | 09:30 PM


By the river in Gloucester Park, GLOUCESTER, 2422