Native Plant Management

Protecting naturally growing Australian plants and trees is an important part of MidCoast Councils environmental management policies.

We must preserve this vegetation because of the positive effect is has on landscape, animals, environment and culture.

Plant Vandalism

Unfortunately, there is a particular problem with damage or illegal removal of vegetation along our foreshore reserves.

The intentional damage of native plants affects the entire community. It impacts the lifestyle and views of residents and visitors; whilst simultaneously causing problems with biodiversity, and critically for our region, water quality.

Damaged or vandalised vegetation creates a knock-on effect. It allows weeds to invade, thus degrading the area. This increases the chance of soil erosion and spoils the local micro climate. 

Because of this "vandalism", Council has developed an Illegal Removal of Vegetation Policy(PDF, 182KB).

Where vandalism ocuurs, we erect a fence and signage to protect the area. This allows regeneration to occur.  Constructed fences are not permanent structures and will be removed once the vegetation is self-sustaining.

Vegetation vandalism is a crime and Council will investigate all attacks on native vegetation. Heavy fines apply following a conviction associated with vandalism of vegetation.

Report vandalism or illegal clearing here

Indigenous plants of Greater Taree

Indigenous plants are the natural inhabitants of our area. Using indigenous plants in our gardens provides food and homes for our native wildlife. 

We have prepared an easy read booklet to assist you in the identification, selection and use of indigenous plants for gardening, landscaping and bush regeneration.