Where does my waste go?

While your household rubbish is "out of sight, out of mind", have you ever wondered where it ends up? Find out where your waste goes and what happens to it.

The good news is that no waste produced in the MidCoast goes outside the region for disposal to landfill.

Where does my red bin waste go?

Your red landfill bin goes to one of our licenced landfills at either Taree or Gloucester.

The waste in your red bin all goes to landfill - so make sure you only place items in your red bin that you can't recycle.

What happens to what I put in my yellow recycling bin?

Using your yellow recycling bin helps to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The contents of the yellow recycling bin go to our material recovery facility at the Tuncurry Waste Management Centre. We then sell items as recycling product to the following companies:

  • Steel and aluminium – Onesteel and Sims Metal
  • Plastics – Australian Circular Polymers
  • Paper and cardboard – Opal & Visy Recycling
  • Glass – made into pool filter medium, termite barrier, sand blasting and binding agent.

Recyclable waste from other waste facilities also comes here for processing.

Did you know… around 10% of items placed in yellow bins for recycling aren’t recyclable? Wrong items can contaminate the whole load and everything goes to landfill. Learn how to better sort your recycling waste here.

What do you do with my green garden waste?

Our urban and rural-residential areas also have a green bin for garden organics waste. This diverts garden waste from landfill, reducing the production of greenhouse gases. 

Your garden organics go to either our Taree, Gloucester, Stroud, Tea Gardens, Bulahdelah or Tuncurry facility.

We mulch all garden waste and use it as cover material for our landfills or make a soil conditioner.