Rate Harmonisation

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A single rates structure has been developed for the entire MidCoast region, to replace the rating structures of the three former council areas from 1 July 2021. This process, known as ‘rate harmonisation’ is a legislative requirement for all merged councils and marks the end of the NSW Government’s ‘rate structure freeze’ policy that was put in place at the time of amalgamation.

Our approach
Because of the diverse range of properties in our region, a standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ model based on land value would result in widespread shifts (both up and down) in what people are paying now. We have worked hard to ensure the new rating structure:

  • Distributes the rates burden more equitably across our region
  • Minimises significant financial impacts on as many of our rate-payers as possible
  • Simplifies and build efficiencies in the way we apply rates

Under the new model, over 80% of property-owners will see little or no change, or a decrease, to their annual rates. Watch the video, or read our current fact sheet(PDF, 2MB) to find out more. You can also use the Rates Calculator below to see how the changes impact your situation.

Rate harmonisation is about distributing rates more equitably across our region. It does not change the total amount of rates we can collect.

Rates calculator

Use the rates calculator below to see how the new rating structure will impact land rates for your property. It will display the category or sub-category applied to your property under the new rating system, along with the year-on-year variation in the amount payable. For ease of comparison, the 2021/22 amount does not take into account the 2021/22 rate peg.
To use the calculator, enter the address of your property, or your Property ID (shown on the top right of your most recent rates instalment notice). 

  • Figures exclude the annual rate peg (which is set at 2% for the 2021/22 financial year).
  • Information may display incorrectly for properties subject to postponed rates or conservation agreements, and for properties added to our rating system after 30 November 2020 – please contact us for more information.
  • Amounts displayed are land rates only and exclude other fees and charges that may appear on your rate notice, such as stormwater and waste collection charges.
  • The NSW Government is considering changes to rating legislation for merged councils, including the option of phasing in harmonised rates over a period of up to four years. This may mean further changes to property category in some cases – if this happens, impacted rate-payers will be contacted.

Personalised appointment

If you would like to understand more about the changes to your rating category or sub-category and how this impacts your rates, you can arrange a 'call-back' phone appointment with a member of our rating team. To register, call 02 7955 7777, providing your name, Property ID, contact phone number and preferred call-back time.
A limited number of in-person appointments are also available between 3pm and 7pm at the locations listed below. Bookings are essential by phoning us on 02 7955 7777 and providing the location you wish to attend and preferred time/s. Once registered, you'll receive a call-back to confirm your appointment and the 15-minute timeslot you've been allocated.
  • Bulahdelah Visitor Information Centre, Wednesday 19 May

  • Wingham Services Club, Thursday 20 May

  • Gloucester, Council customer service point, Tuesday 25 May

  • Taree, Administration and Customer Service Centre, Wednesday 26 May

  • Forster, Council customer service point, Thursday 27 May

Please note: if you arrange either a phone or in-person appointment and can no longer make it, please call us to cancel. Places are limited and your timeslot will be reallocated to someone else.