Jimmys Beach Sand Transfer System

  • Project typeEnvironmental
  • Project value$2.7million
  • Project scheduleDue for completion early 2019
Winda Woppa aerial view post dredge

We are beginning work on an innovative sand transfer system to replenish lost sand at Jimmys Beach.

Site establishment works and access trail works began on Monday 23 July.

Works are currently programmed for completion in early 2019.  

Once complete, the project will deliver an on-going sand nourishment program for Jimmys Beach, and has been made possible through joint funding from MidCoast Council and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, with an additional contribution from the NSW Department of Crown Lands and Water.

The area along Jimmys Beach has experienced natural erosion for over 30 years, particularly severe following weather events. MidCoast Council currently maintains the site though the creation of a buffer for The Boulevarde by trucking sand in, albeit at an estimated cost of $600,000 every year.

Rock walls, groynes and other hard engineering solutions have all been examined, however a sand nourishment program has been shown to offer the most financially sustainable option for maintaining the beach.

Until the sand transfer system is operational, the MidCoast Council team will continue to monitor the beach and truck sand in as needed.

Locals and visitors to the area are asked to observe signage which will be in place to direct pedestrian traffic, and to avoid clearly marked exclusion zones around the location of the site compound and heavy plant and machinery.

As works continue, residents will be notified in advance of any potential access or noise impacts that may result, however all work has been scheduled to take place during the daytime.

Once complete, the Jimmys Beach Sand Transfer System will be capable of transferring 10,000 cubic metres of sand over a two week period. Use of the system will fluctuate depending on weather conditions and the immediate need for replenishment, but it is anticipated the system will be used every six months.

Along with the cost benefits associated with the new sand replenishment system, the area will no longer be home to our trucks periodically bringing sand in to Jimmys Beach. This is a real win for the local community in maintaining a beautiful recreational area of our coastline.

Stage 1 Works - July / August 2018

In the first stage of the project, MidCoast Council’s contractors will set up a temporary site compound and start preparing an access track to where the pump station will be located at Winda Woppa.

Stage 2 Works - August / September 2018

Stage 2 works will begin in the second half of August on the second stage of the Jimmy’s Beach sand transfer system which includes works along The Boulevard and will take about 4 weeks to complete.

CCB Envico will start to place the sand transfer pipeline from Winda Woppa Point to Jimmy’s Beach as part of the Sand Transfer System project. The pipeline is used to carry the sand that is stockpiled at Winda Woppa Point to renourish Jimmy’s Beach and reduce erosion in this area.

CCB Envico will begin work along Jimmy’s Beach at The Boulevard in August and take about 4 weeks to complete. The aim is to complete the pipes before the school holiday period.

Normal work hours:

Dedicated work hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. No works are expected to be done outside of these hours.

Traffic and pedestrian management changes:

The works mean that there will be increased construction traffic along The Boulevard and adjoining streets. With partial road closures expected during the 4 week period, CCB Envico will try to keep inconvenience to a minimum.

For drivers, pedestrian and workers safety the construction zone will be under active traffic management.

Please observe instructions as you enter the work area. It is important to be alert and follow traffic management.

Project contacts:

For more information, the project representative can be contacted.

Noel Biltris

CCB Envico Site Manager

0413 138 722


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