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Here you’ll see our commitment to improving the region’s roads and bridges listed in a full schedule of current and upcoming works.

With the $30 million Roadcare Program developed as part of our merger savings, on-going efforts to secure project-specific grant funding, and funds that are quarantined for roads through the special rate variation, the area has never seen so much activity aimed at addressing your highest priority – the condition of our roads and bridges.

Add to this the NSW Government's injection of $50 million over four years into improving our transport network, and our program has expanded even further. The state funding will be matched by Council using SRV funds, creating a $100 million program that focuses on the roads that connect us. 

The $100 million program is incremental to the schedule of works already underway and in the pipeline, which when combined with our roads maintenance budget and grant funding, provides for an investment of around $70 million in the current financial year alone.

Click the link below to view the 2018/19 capital works program. This includes road reconstruction projects that have been made possible through the $100 million program, highlighted in yellow.

What’s happening near you?

Enter your address and use the interactive map below, search the works listing, or view our Capital Works Program below to find a specific project or see what works are being done in your local area.

What's our stategy?

Our engineers take a value-for-money approach when it comes to road repair and maintenance. Find out more about our road repair and maintenance stategy.

2018/19 capital works program

We remain committed to delivering a connected MidCoast community, and improving the condition, safety and durability of our transport network.

Click below to view the 2018/19 capital works program, which is updated each month. Please note, road reconstruction projects funded from the $100 million program are highlighted in yellow.

2018/19 capital works program - as at October 2018(PDF, 129KB)

The report is a condensed version of a more detailed capital works program that is updated and presented monthly at our council meetings. You can find the full program by downloading it from the attachments on our Council Meetings web page.

2017/18 capital works program

 Locality   Street   Scope of Works   Anticipated Start   Estimated Cost 
 Barrington    Thunderbolts Way - the slips 2.1kms   Road rehabilitation    December 2017  $500,000
 Blueys Beach    Boomerang Drive  Road rehabilitation  March 2018  $500,000
 Bobin  Bulga Bridge on Bulga Road  Timber bridge replacement   April 2018  Contract to be awarded  
   Bobin Bridge on Bulga Road  Timber bridge replacement   April 2018  Contract to be awarded
 Bohnock  Bohnock Boat Ramp  Pontoon, boat ramp & car park    September 2017  $650,000
 Bombah Point  Bombah Point Road  Seal extension  March 2018  $200,000
 Bucca Wauka  Kundle Creek Bridge on Wallanbah Road    Timber bridge replacement   May 2018  $800,000
 Bulahdelah  Lee Street & Stroud Street  Road reconstruction, drainage & roundabout   July 2018  $1,300,000
   Prince Street (Jackson to end)  Road sealing  January 2018  $50,000
   Jackson Street (Bowling club to end)  Road sealing  January 2018  $50,000
   Emu Creek Bridge on Booral Road  Timber bridge replacement   May 2018  Contract to be awarded
 Bundabah  Second Avenue  Road sealing  January 2018  $50,000
 Bungwahl  Wattley Hill Road  Seal extension  November 2017  $650,000
   The Lakes Way  Road rehabilitation  October 2017  $670,000
 Bunya  Cedar Tree Creek Bridge on Willina Road  Timber bridge replacement  May 2017  Contract to be awarded
 Burrell Creek  The Bucketts & Kellys Bridge  Timber bridge replacement, culvert & road improvement   August 2017  $1,100,000
   Gloucester Road south of Bo Bo Creek  Road rehabilitation  April 2018  $850,000
 Cedar Party  Little Cedar Party Creek Bridge on Comboyne Road   Timber bridge replacement  April 2018  $700,000
 Charlotte Bay  The Lakes Way - Boomerang Drive intersection  Intersection improvement  March 2018  $500,000
 Crawford River   Booral Road 1km section  Road rehabilitation  February 2018  $400,000
 Cundle Flat  Callaghans Creek Bridge  Timber bridge replacement  February 2018  $750,000
 Cundletown  Main Street - Lansdowne Road to King Street  Road rehabilitation  April 2017  Contract to be awarded
 Faulkland  Gloucester Tops Road - 370m  Road rehabilitation  October 2017  $130,000
 Forster  Hadley Street  New kerb, gutter & road rehabilitation Lake-Head St  January 2018  $600,000
   Townsend Street - Strand Street to chevrons  Road rehabilitation  March 2018  $200,000
 Gloucester  Queen Street  Road rehabilitation  March 2018  $600,000
   Hume Street - Barrington St to Church Street  Road rehabilitation  Jan 2018  $160,000
   Britten Street - Cemetery Road to end  Road rehabilitation  August 2017  $140,000
   Tate Street & Kendall Street  Road rehabilitation  September 2017  $20,000
   Tate Street - Kendall Street to Lowe Street  Road rehabilitation  September 2017  $130,000
   Bowman Farm Road - 480m stretch  Road rehabilitation  November 2017  $170,000
   Gloucester Tops Road  Seal extension  November 2017  $200,000
 Hallidays Point  Blackhead Road - 600m section  Road rehabilitation  February 2018  $750,000
   Diamond Beach Road  Road reconstruction & drainage  July 2017  $1,500,000
 Hannam Vale  Hannam Vale Road - 9.7km to 10.94km  Road rehabilitation  February 2018  $450,000
   Hannam Vale Road - 11.36km to 11.94km  Road rehabilitation  March 2018  $250,000
 Harrington  Harrington Road - 1.3km stretch  Road realignment & construction  September 2017  $2,000,000
 Killawarra  Killawarra Bridge  Reconstruct southern approach to bridge  July 2017  $300,000
 Krambach  Avalon Road  Road rehabilitation  October 2017  $1,000,000
 Manning Point  Manning Point boat ramp  Pontoon and sealing car park  November 2017  $280,000
 Marlee  Warrawilla Road causeways  Replace two causeways with concrete structures  July 2017  $100,000
 Mitchells Island   Pelican Bay bridge  Timber bridge replacement  November 2017  $150,000
   Manning Point Road - 13.13km to 15.58km  Road rehabilitation  February 2018  $900,000
   Manning Point Road - 16km to 16.48km  Road rehabilitation  February 2018  $250,000
 Nowendoc  Nowendoc Road - 11km stretch  Gravel resheet  September 2017  $550,000
 Old Bar  Old Bar Road - Warwiba to Berady Lane  Road rehabilitation  April 2018  Contract to be awarded
 Pindimar  Wood street - Morantes to end  Road sealing  October 2017  $40,000
   Peace Parade - Curlew to Cambridge  Road sealing  October 2017  $100,000
   Cook Street - Curlew to Cambridge  Road sealing  October 2017  $100,000
 Possum Brush  Possum Brush Road  Timber bridge replacement  May 2018  Contract to be awarded
 Scone  Scone Road  Seal Extension  November 2017  $750,000
 Stroud  Bridge Street - TBW to end  Road sealing  January 2018  $90,000
   Gortons Crossing - bridge to Briton Court  Road rehabilitation  February  $200,000
 Taree  Wingham Road / Commerce Street  Asphalt resurfacing and lane separation  August 2017  $85,000
   Wootton Crescent  Drainage improvement  September 2017  $400,000
   Commerce Street - High Street to Deb Street  Asphalt reseal  August 2017  $450,000
   Crescent Avenue - railway bridge to Oxley Street  Asphalt reseal  June 2017  $480,000
   Victoria Street - Macquarie Street to Browns Creek  Asphalt reseal  April 2017  $800,000
   Endeavour Place boat ramp  Boat ramp extension and car park reseal  June 2017  $140,000
   Albert Street - Florence to Manning  Road rehabilitation  March 2018  Contract to be awarded
   Muldoon Street - Whitbread to Kanangra  Road rehabilitation  March 2018  Contract to be awarded
   Pulteney Street - Albert to Wynter  Road rehabilitation  April 2018  Contract to be awarded
   Manning Regional Art Gallery  Car park construction  April 2018  $400,000
 Tea Gardens  Charles Street - Marine to Myall Way  Road rehabilitation  July 2017  $70,000
   Toonang Drive  Road rehabilitation  February 2018  $350,000
 The Branch  Warraba Road  Road rehabilitation  November 2017  $200,000
 Tinonee  Bootawa Dam Road  Culvert strengthening  August 2017  $100,000
   Tinonee Road - Peg Leg Creek  Timber bridge replacement  May 2018  $520,000
 Wingham  Combined / Dennes Street  Road reconstruction and asphalt seal  July 2017  $500,000

Find out about our $30M Roadcare Program and what it's being used for

With our community highlighting roads as their number one priority, we established a $30 million Roadcare Program using a combination of merger funding and savings identified through efficiencies delivered through the merger. The Roadcare Program has already started making visible improvements across the MidCoast region.

An announcement made in June 2018 by the NSW Government to inject $50million over four years into improving our transport network will see our program expand even further. This will be matched by Council using SRV funds, creating a $100M roads program – which is in addition to the schedule of works already underway and in the pipeline. Please check back here to find out how the $100M will be invested and which priority roads and bridges will be targeted between now and 2022.

Where does the $30 million come from?

The $30 million that we have allocated to improving the regions roads and bridges over the next 4 years came from a $4 million per year saving to the merger of the three former Council regions (total $16m). Added to this is a $14 million State Government merger allocation.

How is this money being spent?

The Roadcare program is all about:

  • Road reconstruction projects
  • Road resurfacing projects
  • Bridge repairs

So what has actually been done?

Since the formation of MidCoast Council in May 2016, the first year of the Roadcare Program has seen over $4 million spent on the following projects:

$692k spent on additional road resurfacing in Taree (Henry Flett St, Wingham Rd, Flett St, River St, Kanangra Drv, William Wynter Drv ), Tinonee (Manchester St, Cotton St) and Wingham (Richardson St, Wyoming St, Flett St).

$308k on additional road resurfacing in Gloucester (Carter Cres, Cemetery Rd, Clement St, Hawdon St, Hume St, Tyrell St, Ravenshaw St, Reichert St).

$2.2 million funding to supplement Council-funded road reconstruction projects in the following areas:

  • Diamond Beach Road, Diamond Beach - $500k
  • Harrington Road, Harrington - $400k
  • Combined / Dennes Streets, Wingham - $800k
  • The Bucketts Way (Stage 5), Tinonee - $200k
  • Commerce Street, Taree - $300k

$860k on Timber bridge repairs and reconstruction across the Manning and Great Lakes regions.

See the $30 Million Roadcare Program in action

We are working on a series of videos so you can see exactly where, how and why we are spending $30 million on roads over the next 4 years.

2017 Was a big year...

The video below summarises what was achieved in 2017 and contains some useful stats.


"Call that a new road?" - Road Resealing Explained - Part 1

This video explains why there is a delay between applying the first and second seals of a road surface. Often we receive criticism for this delay, and sometimes people assume the road surface has been finished when only the primer seal has been applied. Our civil engineer went to Combined / Dennes Street in Wingham to demonstrate stage 1 of 2 stage road resealing process.


Super Smooth - Road Resealing Explained - Part 2

MidCoast Council Works Engineer, Claire Shultz explains the second phase of our road resealing project in Wingham, NSW. In this phase a super smooth Asphalted Concrete overlay is applied.


Marine Drive, Tea Gardens Resurfacing work

More than just a road resurfacing project, this video captures the final stage of Marine Drive works after Council’s six year multi-million dollar commitment to the Tea Gardens community. The Marine Drive project has improved the amenity of the Tea Gardens Waterfront whilst employing traffic control measures, increasing parking efficiency, improving access along with upgrades to drainage, road pavement and road surface. The project was developed to provide a family friendly, safe and enjoyable area with a strong focus on achieving a balance between the needs of pedestrians, traffic and businesses.


For current emergency road conditions & closures visit

For the latest information on roadworks, road and bridge conditions and the status of roads and bridges during major weather events and emergencies please visit the MyRoadInfo website.  This site is maintained with information relevant to local roads in our Mid-North Coast Region as well as the Northern Rivers and North Western Slopes regions.

MyRoadInfo is available as a free mobile device app on both the 'App Store' (for Apple devices) and from 'Google play' for Android devices.

Download the MyRoadInfo app for Apple devices     Download the MyRoadInfo app for Android devices

Live updates on the status of the Pacific Highway are available from Live Traffic NSW.

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