waterwatch in action

Manning Great Lakes Waterwatch is part of the NSW Waterwatch network. It extends from Tea Gardens to Crowdy Head and west past Gloucester.

Waterwatch is all about communities caring for catchments. Waterwatch volunteers monitor the health of their waterway, collecting data on any or all of water quality, aquatic macro-invertebrates (water bugs), and site characteristics (through site assessments). Anyone can get involved!

MidCoast Council has Waterwatch equipment available for loan to people within our service area. We have:

  • Junior Waterwatch kits (temperature, pH, electrical conductivity and turbidity)
  • Senior Waterwatch kits (junior + dissolved oxygen and available phosphate)
  • Junior training set (4 of each, to suit whole class)
  • Sample collection bottles and poles
  • Water bug survey training kit (10x nets, trays, id sheets), can also be loaned individually.

To receive free training and book the equipment for loan, please contact erin.masters@midcoast.nsw.gov.au

Learn more about Waterwatch on the NSW Waterwatch website including access to testing procedures, manuals, identification sheets and record sheets.

Trained Waterwatch volunteers enter your data here.