Environmental Levy projects

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The pristine waterways and beaches, clean air and lush bushland are some of the reasons we love the MidCoast region. Find out what we are doing and what you can do to create a sustainable future, protecting our stunning natural assets for future generations.

The former Greater Taree City Council adopted the Environmental Action Plan in November 2013.

The Plan proposes projects to address issues which our community identified as important. These issues include:

  • acid drainage from exposed acid sulfate soils and its impact on water quality and the local oyster and fishing industries.
  • degradation of rivers, estuaries and wetlands, including sedimentation, loss of vegetation, river bank erosion, and the resulting impacts on water quality.
  • loss of biodiversity including the degradation, loss and fragmentation of native vegetation and wildlife habitat.
  • resource consumption, population growth and the associated impacts of development.
  • soil degradation including erosion and mass soil movement such as landslips.

In order to help fund the projects, we applied to the NSW Government for a 5% Special Rate Variation (above the annual rate peg amount) in the form of an environmental levy. Our application was approved in June 2014 for a five year period.

We are currently working to implement the priority actions of the Plan, and you can view our progress by reviewing the Environmental Levy Updates below.

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