Reporting our progress

We regularly report on our progress towards our delivery program and operational plan.

The annual report provides information about our achievements for the previous year. It includes our financial statements. They provide details about our income and expenditure.

The latest MidCoast Council annual report can be viewed in flipbook format or downloaded by clicking on the document below.

MidCoast Council 2020-21 Annual Report(PDF, 5MB)



The Annual Report includes the following supporting documents:

Financial statements

We must prepare a set of statements and notes for each financial year. An independent body audits the statements each year.

State of the Environment report

The State of the Environment report provides a summary of our progress towards our goals of:

  • protecting, maintaining and restoring our natural environment
  • managing resources wisely
  • balancing the needs of our natural and built environments

State of the Environment report 2018-21(PDF, 11MB)



Progress reports

These progress reports are provided to the elected Councillors every six months, and available to the community below: