Get Ready for disasters


Each year, communities across NSW experience a range of emergencies, including bushfires, home fires, floods, storms, heatwaves and power outages.

This year we’ve seen an unparalleled number of events impacting large areas of NSW happen in quick succession, highlighting the importance of being prepared for all hazards.

Our emergency service organisations do an incredible job keeping us safe, but they can only do so much.

Being aware and prepared is everyone’s responsibility.

Visit one of your local brigades on  Saturday 19 - Sunday 20 September to make sure you Get Ready for bushfire season!

The following brigades will be open at their fire stations (unless other locations / dates specified) with help and information to get your Get Ready journey started:

Bowman River, come and visit us on Sunday between 10am and 2:30pm 

Coomba Park, come and visit us on Tuesday 22 September between 10am and 2pm 

Coopernook, come and visit us on Saturday between 9am and 2pm 

Green Point, come and visit us on Sunday between 9am and 2pm  Follow us on Facebook

Johns River, join us at the Johns River Country Market on Saturday 12 September between 9am and 2pm

Krambach, come and visit us at Krambach Public School on Saturday between 8am and 12pm

Kundle / Moto, come and visit us on Saturday between 10.30am and 2pm, Follow us on Facebook 

Lansdowne, come and visit us on Sunday between 9am and 12pm  Follow us on Facebook

Limeburners Creek, join us on Facebook to learn about fire risks in your community

Marlee, come and visit us on Saturday between 9am and 2pm 

Minimbah, come and visit us on Sunday between 12pm and 2.30pm 

Nabiac - Taree, come and visit us at Nabiac Farmers Market, on Saturday 26 September between 7am and 1pm 

North Arm Cove, come and visit us at North Arm Cove Shopping Centre on Saturday between 9am and 2pm

Old Bar, come and visit us on Saturday between 10am and 1pm Follow us on Facebook

Pacific Palms, come and visit us on Saturday between 10am and 2pm Follow us on Facebook

Pindimar / Tea Gardens, come and visit us at Pindimar South Reserve, on Saturday between 8am and 12pm Follow us on Facebook

Rainbow Flat, come and visit us at Rainbow Flat Shopping Centre on 12 and 13 September between 10am and 2pm

Tinonee, come and visit us on Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 12pm, Follow us on Facebook

Wallaby Joe, come and visit us Wingham Central Park on Saturday between 10am and 2pm, Follow us on Facebook - and catch our live event

Wootton, come and visit us on 13 September between 10am and 1pm

Wherrol Flat, come and visit us on Sunday between 8am and 4pm, Follow us on Facebook

Get Ready in five simple steps

Resilience NSW outline 5 simple steps to Get Ready for disasters - we should all be undertaking these to stay safe. Their website is  

1. Know your risk

Think about the area you’re in and the types of disasters that could affect you - visit our Emergency on the MidCoast page for a list.

2. Plan now for what you will do

Sit down and talk with your family and plan for what you will do if a disaster affects your area.

Complete NSW RFS and the NSW SES emergency plans, print them out and keep with your emergency kit.

Put together a Home Emergency Kit - follow this link and the SES will guide you through putting your kit together.

3. Get your home ready

Prepare your home by doing general home maintenance and checking your insurance coverage.

These videos from the NSW RFS and NSW SES will help you prepare your residential home or farm: View the Get Ready videos

4. Be aware

Find out how to prepare, what to do if there is a disaster in your area and connect with NSW emergency services to stay informed.
For coverage of current events, tune into ABC Radio 95.5FM

For information on fire:


Rural Fire Service Information Line on 1800 679 737 or 

For information about current Bushfire threats visit: or download the Fires near me mobile app.

For information on storm, flood or tsunami events:


NSW SES 132 500

5. Look out for each other

 Share information and these steps with your family, friends, neighbours and those who may need assistance.

Get Ready Animals

Animals rely on us to keep them safe. Emergencies can occur suddenly and planning for your pets and animals keeps everyone safe. Making an Animal Emergency Plan doesn’t take long. Make yours now. Find out more at the SES Get Ready Animals page. 

Get Ready Business

If your business was shut for a month or more, how would that impact you, your staff and their livelihoods?
Preparing for disasters is as important to successful business outcomes as making an annual business plan. 
Taking steps now to prepare against disaster is smart business. It can mean the difference between re-opening two days or two months after an event, or not at all. 
You think it will never happen to your business. Until it does. Are you ready?

Resilience NSW has a number of resources and tool kit to help businesses Get Ready.