Speak at an Open Forum

A member of the public can request to address Council personally, or on behalf of a group of residents after first submitting the correct request form.

There are two different opportunities for members of the community to address Council. Firstly you will need to decide which one applies to your requirements:

  1. Public Forums - For items on the Ordinary Meeting Agenda

  2. Open Forums - For items not on the Ordinary Meeting Agenda (See the information below)

Requests to Speak at an Open Forum

Any member of the public can request to address Council on any matter (subject to the exceptions in the Guidelines) at a session called an Open Forum which will be held between 1:00 pm to 1.30 pm prior to an Ordinary Meeting of Council.

The session will be chaired by the Mayor or his or her delegate.

Councillors may ask questions of the speaker following their address.

Members of the public can apply to address Council on any item that is not on the agenda of the Ordinary Meeting. A person may apply to speak on no more than 1 item.

Speakers must be approved by the Mayor in consultation with the General Manager. All requests for consideration need to be submitted by 12 noon five business days prior to the session using the Speak at an Open Forum session request form. Dates of the Council Meetings can be found on the Council Meeting and Dates page.

If you would like to speak at an Open Forum, you will need to:

  1. Submit a Speak at an Open Forum request form.

  2. Read the Speak at an Open Forum guidelines

Need help?

If you are unclear which request form to use, or have further questions, please contact:

  • The Executive Assistant, Lineve Clarke on (02) 7955 7213.