Administrator's Report

"Better together" has been said on many occasions to describe the merger of Councils that created MidCoast Council and I agree.

The increase in scale and capacity that has occurred as a result of the merger has seen benefits right across the new Council area with work being done in areas that might not have previously occurred.

The biggest single achievement since the merger is putting together a $30 million roads and bridges package to be spent over four years in addition to existing funding.

With the dissolution of MidCoast Water and bringing water and sewerage services into MidCoast Council there will be additional significant savings which will flow back to the community through enhanced services.

Many groups within the MidCoast Council community have benefited from the merger. $1 million was set aside from the State Government merger funds to support volunteer community group’s activities through the Stronger Communities program.

Overall Council is in a very good financial position with sustainable reserves to meet its future obligations. This will allow the incoming Council to think strategically about how best to enhance and improve the area.

Read more about our achievements to date, and the role of our new Councillors within the following report(PDF, 3MB) .

John Turner Administrator, MidCoast Council

iew the report below.