Media, social media and websites disclosures register

Councillors media and social media annual declarations required to be disclosed under clause 5.30 of the MidCoast Council Code of Conduct

Media and social media annual declarations - 2020

Cr Brad Christensen(PDF, 2MB)

Cr Claire Pontin(PDF, 667KB)

Cr David Keegan(PDF, 231KB)

Cr David West(PDF, 1MB)

Cr Jan McWilliams(PDF, 2MB)

Cr Karen Hutchinson(PDF, 3MB)

Cr Katheryn Smith(PDF, 237KB)

Cr Kathryn Bell(PDF, 1024KB)

Cr Len Roberts(PDF, 458KB)

Cr Peter Epov(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Troy Fowler(PDF, 2MB)