Disclosure of Interest

Councillors and designated persons disclosure of interest returns

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) and Regulations 2018  Council is required to publish the Returns made by Councillors and Designated Persons available on the website.

In accordance with the Information and Privacy Commissions Guideline 1,  Council has conducted the Public Interest Test with each Councillor and Designated Person and redacted any information where there is an overriding public interest against disclosure, for example a residential address or signature.

Disclosure of interest returns 2020 - Councillors

Cr Brad Christensen(PDF, 6MB)

Cr Claire Pontin(PDF, 105KB)

Cr David Keegan(PDF, 4MB)

Cr David West(PDF, 6MB)

Cr Jan McWilliams(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Karen Hutchinson(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Katheryn Smith(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Kathryn Bell(PDF, 7MB)

Cr Len Roberts(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Peter Epov(PDF, 1MB)

Cr Troy Fowler(PDF, 3MB)

Disclosure of interest return 2020 - Designated persons

Adam Matlawsk(PDF, 188KB)i

Adrian Panuccio(PDF, 4MB)

Beth Langley(PDF, 387KB)

Bruce Moore(PDF, 20MB)

Chenxi Zeng(PDF, 4MB)

Chris Green(PDF, 4MB)

Chris Jones(PDF, 708KB)

Daniel Aldridge(PDF, 4MB)

Daniel Park(PDF, 4MB)

Deb Tuckerman(PDF, 7MB)

Gary Mead(PDF, 4MB)

Gerard Tuckerman(PDF, 12MB)

James Condie(PDF, 4MB)

Marcelle Boyling(PDF, 5MB)

Michelle Larin(PDF, 104KB)

Mitchell Stace(PDF, 4MB)

Paul DeSzell(PDF, 5MB)

Paul Martin(PDF, 110KB)

Philip Brennan(PDF, 4MB)

Rhett Pattison(PDF, 4MB)

Rob Griffiths(PDF, 101KB)

Robert Scott(PDF, 4MB)

Scott Nicholson(PDF, 4MB)

Shane Beeton(PDF, 4MB)

Steve Embry(PDF, 103KB)

Tracey Hamer(PDF, 4MB)

Disclosure of interest returns 2019 - Councillors

Cr Brad Christensen(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Claire Pontin(PDF, 4MB)

Cr David Keegan(PDF, 4MB)

Cr David West(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Jan McWilliams(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Karen Hutchinson(PDF, 5MB)

Cr Katheryn Smith(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Kathryn Bell(PDF, 3MB)

Cr Len Roberts(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Peter Epov(PDF, 8MB)

Cr Troy Fowler(PDF, 4MB)

Disclosure of interest return 2019 - Designated persons

Adrian Panuccio(PDF, 4MB)

Alison Anthony(PDF, 4MB)

Bruce Moore(PDF, 8MB)

Chenxi Zeng(PDF, 2MB)

Chris Green(PDF, 4MB)

Christopher Jones(PDF, 8MB)

Daniel Aldridge(PDF, 616KB)

Daniel Park(PDF, 5MB)

Deborah Tuckerman(PDF, 10MB)

Gary Mead(PDF, 8MB)

Gerard Tuckerman(PDF, 372KB)

Graeme Watkins(PDF, 2MB)

Jamie Condie(PDF, 4MB)

Malcolm Flew(PDF, 2MB)

Neville Curtis(PDF, 2MB)

Paul DeSzell(PDF, 8MB)

Paul Martin(PDF, 5MB)

Phil Brennan(PDF, 4MB)

Rhett Pattison(PDF, 2MB)

Rob Griffiths(PDF, 4MB)

Robert Scott(PDF, 2MB)

Scott Nicholson(PDF, 27MB)

Steve Embry(PDF, 5MB)

Tracey Hamer(PDF, 2MB)