Disclosure Log

In addition to Open Access Information, Council has an obligation to keep a record called a Disclosure Log.

The Disclosure Log details information previously released to an applicant under a Formal Access Application that Council considers would be of interest to other members of the public. Council must record the following details about the application in its disclosure log:

  • The date the access application was decided.
  • A description of the information released.
  • Whether any of the information is available to other members of the public.
  • If so available, how it can be accessed.

The Disclosure Log does not have to include the following information:

  • Information on applications for personal information regarding the applicant.
  • Information about applications where factors involving the applicant were a consideration in whether or not the disclosure of the information was in the public interest.

The information included in the Disclosure Log can be accessed by contacting Council's Public Officer on (02) 6591 7222 or email council@midcoast.nsw.gov.au

Disclosure Log 2018

  Council's Reference Number     Information Requested     Date of Decision     Type of Release  
   GOV-GIPA-35/18   Document relating to 112 Viney Creek Road, Tea Gardens   21 May 2018      Partial  
   GOV-GIPA-33/18    Documents relating to hydrogeological information associated with the Viney Creek Aquifer 30 May 2018      Full  
   GOV-GIPA-30/18   Documents relating to the Ecologists Report relating to a DA in Pindimar   19 April 2018  Full
   GOV-GIPA-29/18    Documents relating to proposed developments by Tea Gardens Farms Pty Ltd 24 May 2018    Full
 GOV-GIPA-28/18  Documents issued by Dept Land & Water Conservation relating to clearing native vegetation in Bundabah 18 April 2018    Full
   GOV-GIPA-25/18   Documents relating to communication between MidCoast Council, Midcoast Trucks and Nambucca Shire Council   26 March 2018      Full  
 GOV-GIPA-24/18 Documents relating to development applications for 3184 Nowendoc Road, Caffreys Flat   5 March 2018     Full 
 GOV-GIPA-22/18  Documents relating to Development Application 279/2016 223 The Lakesway, Forster 23 February 2018     Full 
 GOV-GIPA-20/18  Documents relating to gifts and benefits between Council staff and Phillip Dong Fang Lee, Shi Xiaobei and Companies   12 February 2018    Full
 GOV-GIPA-17/18  Documents relating to Lot 2 DP 1103357 Macwood Road, Smiths Lake  11 January 2018  Full 
   GOV-GIPA-14/18    Documents relating to Development Application 122/2016 67 Maytoms Lane Booral  19 December 2017 Partial  
   GOV-GIPA-11/18     Documents relating to staff numbers based in Gloucester and funding grants to pre and post merger  6 October 2017 Full
   GOV-GIPA-10/18   Documents relating to the Sewerage System Incident Log and lines which were pressure cleaned   29 September 2017 Full
GOV-GIPA-9/18  Documents relating to the Service Station Tuncurry DA 206-2015 3 October 2017     Partial 
 GOV-GIPA-7/18   Documents relating to development applications for 43 Head St Forster    20 September 2017   Partial
 GOV-GIPA-6/18   A copy of all expired and current consents relating to 4571 The Bucketts Way, Gloucester    4 September 2017   Full  
 GOV-GIPA-5/18    Documents relating to development applications and consents for Shop 1/79 Marine Drive Tea Gardens      29 August 2017  Full 
GOV-GIPA-4/18  Documents relating to staff numbers based in Gloucester and funding grants to pre and post merger  28 August 2017 Full

Disclosure Log 2017

  Council's Reference Number     Information Requested      Date of Decision     Type of Release  
  GOV-GIPA-27/17     Documents relating to development applications for The Hermitage Lifestyle Resort Tea Gardens. 1 September 2017    Partial
  GOV-GIPA-26/17     Copies of submissions received from DA 368/2017 - 21 Bengal St, Coolongolook 27 July 2017  Partial
  GOV-GIPA-24/17     Documents relating to Woolworths Tuncurry Supermarket  24 July 2017    Partial
  GOV-GIPA-23/17    Copies of submissions relating to the Forster Civic Precinct    24 July 2017    Partial
  GOV-GIPA-22/17    Documents relating to the Service Station Tuncurry DA 206-2015   7 August 2017   Partial  

Documents relating to the extension, enhancement or expansion to the boardwalk that runs over the

water adjacent to Memorial Drive Forster

20 July 2017   Full 
  GOV-GIPA-20/17    Documents relating to demolition and removal of the Little St boat ramp   20 July 2017   Partial  
  GOV-GIPA-19/17    Inspections, incidents, defects and repair works to Victoria Rd Taree between Commerce St and Florence St   13 July 2017    Full
  GOV-GIPA-18/17    Documents relating to construction, repair and maintenance of 1 Pulteney St stairs   27 June 2017   Partial  
GOV-GIPA-16/17   Development applications/approvals, audits and plans for 8 Wharf St Forster  20 April 2017   Full 
GOV-GIPA-13/17   Documents relating to maintenance and closure of the Little St Boat Ramp   4 April 2017  Full
GOV-GIPA-12/17   Inspect the DA File for Bellbird Quarry and receive a copy of Plans  29 March 2017   Partial 
GOV-GIPA-11/17   Plans and documents relating to proposed development at 45 Chapmans Road Tuncurry   12 April 2017  Partial
GOV-GIPA-10/17   Copy of audio from Council meeting 24 November 2015 relating to Application for Motel and Swimming Pool.  9 March 2017  Full
GOV-GIPA-08/17   Approvals and acknowledgements from Council re 21 Bruce St Forster  17 January 2017  Full 

Disclosure Log 2016

  Council's Reference Number     Information Requested     Date of Decision     Type of Release  
GOV-GIPA-06/17   Documents relating to the Merger of three Councils into MidCoast Council and remuneration of Administrator  19 December 2016  Full
GOV-GIPA-05/17   Documents relating to the Coastal Zone Management Plan for former Great Lakes area     17 October 2016  Full
GOV-GIPA-01/17  Tender prices for Quarry & Asphalt Contracts in former Great Lakes Council 5 September 2016 Refused