Council is required to maintain a register that records delegations that may be sub-delegated by the General Manager to staff to undertake the daily operations of Council. This is in accordance with Schedule 1 of the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2018 (GIPA).

The individual instrument of Sub-Delegation for the Senior Officers in Council are accessible below. Should you wish to view the instrument of Sub-Delegation for any other officer, please contact us to make an appointment here.

Schedule of Delegable Functions 2019

Schedule of Delegable Functions 2019(PDF, 2MB)

Instruments of Sub-Delegation

General Manager(PDF, 2MB)

Director Community Spaces and Services(PDF, 6MB)

Director Corporate and Business Systems(PDF, 987KB)

Director Engineering and Infrastructure(PDF, 10MB)

Director Planning and Natural Systems(PDF, 16MB)

Director Water Services(PDF, 7MB)

Manager Governance(PDF, 474KB)

Manager Property and Commercial Services(PDF, 375KB)

Governance Liaison and Project Coordinator(PDF, 1MB)