Council Contracts Register

In accordance with Section 27 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), Council is required to maintain a register that records information about each government contract which has (or is likely to have) a value of $150,000 or more and involve:

  • the contractor undertaking a specific project;
  • the contractor agreeing to provide specific goods or services;
  • the transfer of real property or
  • the rent payable for the term of the lease

Employment contracts do not need to be included in the register.

Different classes of contracts

The Act provides for three different classes of contracts, each with different information disclosure requirements.

Class 1 - contracts are those that have, or are likely to have a value of $150,000.

Class 2 - contracts are those that have, or are likely to have a value of $150,000; and additionally either where:

  • there has not been a public tender process and the terms and conditions of the contract have been negotiated directly with the contractor;
  • the contract was the subject of a tender (whether public or not) but the terms and conditions have been substantially negotiated with the contractor;
  • the obligations of one or more parties to maintain or operate infrastructure or assets; and could continue for 10 years or more;
  • the contract involves a privately financed project (as defined by Treasury);
  • the contract involves a transfer of a significant asset or an exchange of significant assets.

Class 3 - Class 2 contract which has (or is likely to have) a value of $5 million or more.

MidCoast Council Contract Register

 Contractor    Contract Ref   Details 

Complete Linemarking Services Pty Ltd;

Whiteline Road Services;

Oz Line Marking

 2016-17/05 Line Marking Services as required Tender RP/T251516MNC
Clement Marine P/L  2016-17/08(PDF, 1MB) Construction of jetty and pontoon infrastructure at Tuncurry, Pacific Palms and Coomba  
Ditchfield Pty Ltd  2016-17/13(PDF, 1MB) Diamond Beach Road Reconstruction – Blackhead Rd to Panorama Drive
Eire Constructions P/L  2016-17/14(PDF, 1MB) Harrington Road Reconstruction
St Hilliers Property P/L  2016-17/15(PDF, 1MB) Kelly’s Creek Bridge Reconstruction  
Daracon Pty Ltd    2016-17/25(PDF, 1MB) Taree Airport RPT Apron PAPI Infrastructure Upgrades
Kedwell Constructions Pty Ltd  2016-17/37(PDF, 1MB) Building extension Hockey Facility Taree Rec Ground
Hitachi  2016-17/41(PDF, 1MB) Purchase Front end loader
Irwin Fencing Pty Ltd  2016-17/49 Safety guard rail, Bucketts Way
BMT WBM Consultants & Advision P/L  2016-17/54(PDF, 1MB) Flood risk management study Karuah and Manning River
City Plan Services    2016-17/51 Rural Opportunities and Land Use Strategy
Himsley Ventures Pty Ltd  Lease(PDF, 1MB)  Wallis Street, Forster
Valley Industries Limited  Lease(PDF, 1MB)  Elizabeth Street, Taree
Wendy Hill  Lease(PDF, 1MB)  Gloucester Caravan Park
Woolworths Limited

 Lease(PDF, 1MB)

 Peel Street, Tuncurry

Water Services Contracts

Under section 27 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) we are required to publish on our website the details of any contracts we have entered into with private sector entities, with a value of $150,000 or more.

Details of such contracts are available below:

 Contract Ref   Details 
 04/2016(PDF, 424KB)  Provision of Sludge Lagoon Dewatering and Biosolids Removal
 10/2016(PDF, 137KB)  Nabiac Water Treatment Plant
 02/2017(PDF, 265KB)  Provision of Water Meter Replacement
 03/2017(PDF, 132KB)  Nabiac Inland Dune Aquifer Water Supply System - commissioning and handover 
 04/2017(PDF, 134KB)  Nabiac Inland Dune Aquifer Water Supply System - SCADA and PLC
 08/2017(PDF, 46KB)  Domestic Water Meter Replacement Program
 09/2017(PDF, 46KB)  Procurement for Chemicals for use in Water and Sewage Treatment Plants
 04/2018(PDF, 51KB)  Supply and Delivery of 300mm and 375mm oPVC PN16 Series 2 Pressure Pipe