Council Contracts Register

In accordance with Section 27 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), Council is required to maintain a register that records information about each government contract which has (or is likely to have) a value of $150,000 or more and involve:

  • the contractor undertaking a specific project;
  • the contractor agreeing to provide specific goods or services;
  • the transfer of real property or
  • the rent payable for the term of the lease

Employment contracts do not need to be included in the register.

Different classes of contracts

The Act provides for three different classes of contracts, each with different information disclosure requirements.

Class 1 - contracts are those that have, or are likely to have a value of $150,000.

Class 2 - contracts are those that have, or are likely to have a value of $150,000; and additionally either where:

  • there has not been a public tender process and the terms and conditions of the contract have been negotiated directly with the contractor;
  • the contract was the subject of a tender (whether public or not) but the terms and conditions have been substantially negotiated with the contractor;
  • the obligations of one or more parties to maintain or operate infrastructure or assets; and could continue for 10 years or more;
  • the contract involves a privately financed project (as defined by Treasury);
  • the contract involves a transfer of a significant asset or an exchange of significant assets.

Class 3 - Class 2 contract which has (or is likely to have) a value of $5 million or more.

MidCoast Council Contract Register


Contract Reference 

Abergeldie Rehabilitation Pty Ltd;

Insituform Pacific Pty Ltd;

Interflow Pty Ltd   

02/2019(PDF, 1MB)   

Sewer Pipework Relining

 Allightsykes Pty Ltd  QUO-12092-P6B1Z0-0(PDF, 1MB)  Pump Supply for Nabiac Temporary Desalination Plant
Arkwood Pty Ltd T541920MNC(PDF, 1MB)       Biosolids agricultural reuse
Austin McFarland Architect  20185-19/08(PDF, 1MB)  Architectural Services – BJF Studio, Manning Entertainment Centre 
Australian Lifeguard Services 2017-18/03(PDF, 1MB)   Beach Lifesaving services all sites 
Barry Pfister Building


Boronia Park Forster – Clubhouse extensions - GLUFC 
Berg Building RFQ 13-2019(PDF, 1MB) Boronia Park Forster – Clubhouse extensions - GLNC
Bridgeworks (Australia) Pty Ltd 2018-19/12(PDF, 1MB)   Emu creek, Burrell Creek, Bungwahl Creek bridges construction
Bridgeworks  2016-17-38(PDF, 1MB)      Bulga and Bobin bridges
Daniel Stallworthy Building RFQ11-2019(PDF, 1MB) Forster Main Beach – Amenities Building  
Dredging Solutions Pty Ltd 07/14 TEN-NS-DR-VAR-14 Dredging of Waterways 2014-2017 Separable Portion 4(PDF, 1MB) Harrington back channel navigational maintenance dredging 
Eire Constructions Pty Ltd  MCC201912(PDF, 1MB) Civil and Mechanical Works for Temporary Nabiac Desalination Plant  
Elster Meters 02/2017(PDF, 265KB)  Supply of water meters
Goldsprings Group Pty Ltd 019-19/15 Manning Street Reconstruction(PDF, 1MB)   Road construction 
Gongues Construction   05/2018(PDF, 1MB) Emergency water ponds 
Great Lakes Community Resources 08/14(PDF, 3MB)  Gatekeeping of Bulahdelah / Tea Gardens Waste Management Centres
Great Lakes Community Resources TEN-WS-TWMCO(PDF, 3MB)   Tuncurry Waste Management Centre OPERATIONS 
GSAGroup PTY Ltd   MCCARFP001 07/19(PDF, 1MB)   Architectural design and specification for Office Fitout - Biripi Way
Himsley Ventures Pty Ltd  Lease(PDF, 1MB)  Lease of Motel in Wallis Street, Forster  
Hurley Palmer Flatt Pty LTD (HPF Group)  

MCCSRFP001 08/19(PDF, 1MB) 

Consultancy Engineering Services for Office Design - Biripi Way 
Insight Informatics

L032-6541(PDF, 1MB) 

Hosting of Library Management System
J R Richards & Sons   WS-2018-19-06(PDF, 51KB)   Domestic Waste Services 
J R Richards & Sons  08/14(PDF, 2MB)   Waste Haulage  
Montlaur Project Services  02/18-TEN-MCC-OFFICE(PDF, 1MB)   Project managment - 2 Biripi Way 
 Mettler-Toledo Ltd  2018-19/16(PDF, 1MB)  Bi-Directional Weighbridge at Tea Gardens Waste Management Centre
Newpave Asphalt 48-16\17 TEN-OP-ASPHALT-17A(PDF, 1MB)  Old Bar Rd 
Origin Energy 

1113844(PDF, 1MB)  Contract

Supply of electricity large sites > 100MW/yr
Osmoflo Water Management Pty Ltd 191220-MCC-Desal-Rental-Agreement(PDF, 1MB) Hire of Desalination equipment, operation and maintenance of plant and equip.  
Outkat Pty Ltd 2018-19/17 TEN-STR-SG-MPB-19A Stroud Showground Multipurpose Building
Pacific Facilities Management  GTCC 2015/19(PDF, 1MB)  Mowing services - parks, roadside, cemeteries etc. 
RJ & CL Thomas 2019-20/09 TEN-NA-CLUBHOUSE-19A(PDF, 1MB) Construction of new Clubhouse – Nabiac - Aub Ferris Oval 
Saltwater Earthmoving 2017-18-17 TEN-PD-CIVIL(PDF, 1MB)  Bohnock Boat Ramp
Technology One Limited NSW Procurement MC1(PDF, 1MB) A Council wide Enterprise Resource Planning Software as a Service Platform 
Valley Industries  Lease(PDF, 1MB)  Lease of ground floor, 7-9 Elizabeth Street, Taree
Various suppliers T081718MNC(PDF, 1MB) Supply chemicals for water and sewerage treatment
 Various - Tree Panel 


 2017-18/09(PDF, 1MB) 


Tree Removal / Maintenance Service Panel


Various - Tree Panel  2017-18/09(PDF, 1MB)  Tree Removal / Maintenance Service Panel
 Vinidex Pty Ltd LGP908-3(PDF, 1MB)  HDPE pipe supply for Temporary Nabiac Desalination Plant
 Wendy Hill Lease(PDF, 1MB) Lease of Gloucester Caravan Park
Woolworths Limited 

Reference(PDF, 1MB)

Lease(PDF, 2MB)  

Lease of Tuncurry Supermarket
WPL Civil 2017-18-07-TEND-PD-CIVIL-18A(PDF, 1MB)   Victoria Street