Council Contracts Register

In accordance with Section 27 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), Council is required to maintain a register that records information about each government contract which has (or is likely to have) a value of $150,000 or more and involve:

  • the contractor undertaking a specific project;
  • the contractor agreeing to provide specific goods or services;
  • the transfer of real property or
  • the rent payable for the term of the lease

Employment contracts do not need to be included in the register.

Different classes of contracts

The Act provides for three different classes of contracts, each with different information disclosure requirements.

Class 1 - contracts are those that have, or are likely to have a value of $150,000.

Class 2 - contracts are those that have, or are likely to have a value of $150,000; and additionally either where:

  • there has not been a public tender process and the terms and conditions of the contract have been negotiated directly with the contractor;
  • the contract was the subject of a tender (whether public or not) but the terms and conditions have been substantially negotiated with the contractor;
  • the obligations of one or more parties to maintain or operate infrastructure or assets; and could continue for 10 years or more;
  • the contract involves a privately financed project (as defined by Treasury);
  • the contract involves a transfer of a significant asset or an exchange of significant assets.

Class 3 - Class 2 contract which has (or is likely to have) a value of $5 million or more.

MidCoast Council Contract Register

Contract Reference 

Abergeldie Rehabilitation Pty Ltd;

Insituform Pacific Pty Ltd;

Interflow Pty Ltd   

02/2019(PDF, 1MB)   

 Sewer Pipework Relining

AECOM Aust Pty Ltd Contract No 100120/1(PDF, 1MB)  Consultancy - Detailed Design of Gloucester Reservoirs and Associated Mains
A J Grant Building Pty Ltd Project No 101268 Contract No 2020-21/02 TEN-WINGHAM-SHOWGROUND-UCA-SCS-20A(PDF, 86KB)    Wingham Showground - new cattle arena associated works
A J Grant Building Pty Ltd 2020-21/03 TEN-WINGHAM-LIBRARY-20A(PDF, 86KB)    Wingham Library upgrade
A W Edwards Pty Ltd 2019-2020/12(PDF, 1MB)  Head contractor - New office warehouse conversion and fit out 
A W Edwards Pty Ltd PU027196 Contract No 100101-1 Ref: TEN-MCC-BOOTAWA 1A UPGRADE 20/21(PDF, 1MB)  Bootawa upgrade 20/21
ColourWorks Procurement Reference No VP212790(PDF, 1MB)  Rental of printer hardware and maintenance agreement
CONKAT PTY - T/A Manning Valley Cleaning Services TEN-MCC-OFFICE CLEANING 2020/21(PDF, 1MB)   Cleaning of Council facilities
Daniel Stallworthy Builder 2020-21/01 TEN-BORONIA-SOCCEREX-20A(PDF, 86KB)  Boronia Park Forster - Soccer precinct construction
Ditchfield Contracting Pty Ltd TEN-PD-RD-AVALO-20A(PDF, 1MB)  Reconstruct Avalon Road Dyers Crossing
Ditchfield Contracting Pty Ltd TEN-PD-RD-7776-20A(PDF, 1MB)    Northern Gateway - Cundletown Roundabout
ERM Power Retail TEN-WMT-ELE-SML-19A(PDF, 1MB)  Electrical supply - small sites < 100MWh/Yr 
Heath & Hoff PU010472 ED-BARCST-DESTINWEB(PDF, 1MB)  Development of new Destination website
Himsley Ventures Pty Ltd  Lease (PDF, 1MB)  Lease of Motel in Wallis Street, Forster  
Hunter H2O Holdings Pty Ltd Contract No 352468-1(PDF, 1MB)  Concept Design & Review of Environmental Factors for the Gloucester Sewage Treatment Plant
Insight Informatics

L032-6541(PDF, 1MB) 

 Hosting of Library Management System
J R & E G Richards & Sons  2019-2020/03 TEN-WFM&OPSERV(PDF, 1MB)    Operation of Landfill and Transfer Stations in MidCoast Council LGA
J R Richards & Sons   WS-2018-19-06(PDF, 51KB)    Domestic Waste Services 
J R Richards & Sons  08/14(PDF, 2MB)    Waste Haulage  
Lenovo (Australia & New Zealand) Pty Ltd PU028067(PDF, 1MB)  Computer devices as a service
Leonards Advertising PU026731 Contract No LGP719(PDF, 1MB)  Development of Barrington Coast - Destination Marketing
Manly Hydraulics Laboratory PU018620(PDF, 1MB)    Consultancy 
Monties Business P/L T/As Jacobs Building and Carpentry RFQ-2019-2020/21(PDF, 1MB)    Refurbishment of Hawks Nest Beach amenities 
Origin Energy TEN-WMT-ELE-LRG-19A(PDF, 1MB)  Electrical supply - large sites > 100MWh/Yr 
Pacific Facilities Management  GTCC 2015/19(PDF, 1MB)   Mowing services - parks, roadside, cemeteries etc. 
S5 Technology PU021332(PDF, 1MB)  Supply of IT Hardware - WAN upgrade 
S5 Technology PU023622(PDF, 1MB)  Enterprise agreement - hardware, software & professional services 
Saunders Civilbuild Pty Ltd 2019-20/16(PDF, 1MB)  Reconstruction of Deep Creek, Brown's Creek and Rowley River (McQueen's) Bridges 
Stowe Australia Pty Ltd Contract No 028527(PDF, 1MB)  Replacement of Lantana WPS transformer
Sydney Water Laboratory Services Q200035(PDF, 1MB)  Analytical services for water testing
Talis Civil Pty Ltd  2019/20-07 (PDF, 1MB)  Construction of Wards River and Reltons bridges including road approaches 
Technology One Limited NSW Procurement MC1(PDF, 1MB)  A Council wide Enterprise Resource Planning Software as a Service Platform 
Telstra Corp. Ltd LGP115(PDF, 364KB)  IT and Communications products, services and consulting
Valley Industries  Lease(PDF, 1MB)   Lease of ground floor, 7-9 Elizabeth Street, Taree
Various - Asphalt supply and delivery 2019-20/22 TED-PD-ASHALT-20A(PDF, 1MB)  Supply, delivery and placement of asphaltic concrete 
Various - Bulk bitumen  REGPRO811920(PDF, 1MB)    Supply and delivery of bulk bitumen
Various - Civil consultants panel 63-16/17 TEN-PE-DESIGN-17A(PDF, 1MB)  provide various consultancy services across MCC 
Various - Civil works - Stabilising 2018-19/10 TED-PD-STABAILISE-19A(PDF, 1MB) Supply and incorporation of stabilising binders 
Various - Line marking services T531920MNC(PDF, 1MB)  Line marking services
Various - Precast bridge planks T151819MNC(PDF, 1MB)  Supply and delivery of Pre-cast bridge planks
Various - Quarry products 2019-20/01 TEN-PD-QUARRY-19A(PDF, 1MB)  Supply and delivery of quarry products across MCC
Various - Sprayed bituminous surfaces  2018-19/09 TEN-PD-SEAL-19A(PDF, 1MB)  Supply, delivery and placement of sprayed bituminous surfaces across MCC
Various - Supply and delivery of concrete pipes  REGPRO621920(PDF, 1MB)  Supply and delivery of concrete pipes 
Various - Traffic control services T521718MNC(PDF, 1MB)    Provision of traffic control services 
Various - Tree Panel  2017-18/09(PDF, 1MB)    Tree Removal / Maintenance Service Panel
Various  Contract No T302021MNC(PDF, 1MB)  Provision of Readymix Concrete
Various  Contract No REGPROC362021(PDF, 1MB)  Provision of Road Safety Barrier Systems
Wendy Hill Lease(PDF, 1MB)  Lease of Gloucester Caravan Park
Woolworths Limited 

Reference(PDF, 1MB)

Lease(PDF, 2MB)  

 Lease of Tuncurry Supermarket