Kathryn Bell



Kathryn participated in several community groups before being elected to Council in 2008 and has been a strong community advocate ever since.

Having enjoyed hairdressing at the start of her working life, Kathryn has diversified to other roles including farm life and operating a general store.

A lifetime commitment to learning has seen Kathryn gain qualifications in Training and Assessment, Work, Health and Safety. Currently she runs her own small business in the building regulation sector.

Aside from her business, she is committed to serving her community and this isn’t limited to her work as a Councillor.

Kathryn has always been an active representative of a range of different committees and panels, some as Chair or Deputy Chair, including; NSW Local Water Utility Policy, Ambassador for Life Education, Local Traffic, Strategic Heritage, Manning Valley Tourism, Access Advisory, Rural Fire District Liaison, MidCoast Advisory Representative, Sport and Recreation, Donations Assessment, Event Sponsorship, among others.

Kathryn prides herself on being an open, honest and accessible Councillor with a great understanding of her community.