Claire Pontin

Deputy Mayor


Claire’s main objectives in standing for local government were to use her skills and experience to see the MidCoast region grow and prosper.

Sustainable regional economic development (more jobs and businesses), sensible environmental management (to protect what we have) and a thriving local cultural scene (to enrich us all) are her three main passions.

Claire moved to the local area after a 30 year career in the Public Service (NSW and Federal) with the last 10 years as a General Manager having responsibility for food standards development, food surveillance programs and corporate services.

She chaired many consultative committees comprising consumers, the food industry and State and Federal government agencies; and represented the Australian Government in international standards development committees.

She has tertiary and post graduate qualifications in ecology, property economics and finance and investment analysis.

Claire lives in Hallidays Point with her husband and has a son who serves in the Navy.

Claire was elected Deputy Mayor on 25 September 2019.