Floodplain Management Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Floodplain Management Advisory Committee is to advise Council on the development and implementation of Floodplain Risk Management Plans for the Mid Coast Council local government area. Floodplain risk management plans provide specific advice in relation to how to:

  • reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on the community
  • reduce private and public losses resulting from flooding
  • recognise flood prone land as a valuable resource which should not be necessarily sterilised
  • take into account social, economic, ecological and cultural factors.

Committee members

Councillor representatives

Cr Epov (Chair)

Cr Hutchinson

Cr Smith (alternate)

Community representatives

Mr Greg Crisp

Ms Jennifer Granger

Ms Janet Troope

Mr Robert Gill

Mr Peter Neal

Ms Jane Cowan

Mr Garry Woodward

Mr Kenneth Billings

Mrs Lesley Woods

Meeting notes

Supporting documentation

Floodplain Management Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 127KB)

Committee Guidelines(PDF, 421KB)

Code of Conduct(PDF, 2MB)