Economic Development Working Group

The MidCoast Economic Development Working Group has been established to provide specialist advice to MidCoast Council in relation to the growth and development of the MidCoast economy and the generation of local employment opportunities.

Specifically, the working group has been established for the purpose of:

  • Identifying, recommending and supporting projects and initiatives that will foster sustainable growth and economic development within the MidCoast region in alignment with the Regional Economic Development Strategy
  • Supporting the promotion of MidCoast based business and industry to broader markets
  • Supporting initiatives that enhance the professionalism and competitiveness of MidCoast based business and industry
  • Cooperatively engaging with other relevant bodies including but not limited to the MidCoast Business Chamber, Regional Development Australia and the private sector to gain maximum benefit for the local community and the region
  • Contributing to Council's strategic and business planning process.

Working Group members

Councillor representatives

Cr Hutchinson

Cr Pontin

Cr Epov

Community representatives

Trent Jennison

John Howard

Megan Lewis

John Mansour

Kevin Bakewell

Adrian Robertson

Brian Parry

James Hooke

Liz Jarvis

Meeting notes

Supporting documentation