Community Recovery Bushfire Reference Group

The purpose of the reference group is to provide strategic advice and feedback to assist Council in supporting the MidCoast community to recover and renew following the bushfire events of late 2019. 

The reference group will also help to support the recovery and renewal process by working with Council to support local recovery efforts for communities impacted by the bushfire events.

The group reflects the value that Council places on our unique, diverse and culturally rich communities as well as our connected community across the MidCoast.

Black Summer Bushfires devastated the MidCoast community in November 2019. According to RFS building impact assessments there were:

  • 125 homes destroyed
  • 62 homes damaged
  • 9 facilities destroyed
  • 16 facilities damaged
  • 270 outbuildings destroyed
  • 129 outbuildings damaged

The Bushfire Recovery Reference Group will play an important and ongoing role in:

  • Listening to the community
  • Providing feedback to Council
  • Helping identify and establish priorities for community bushfire recovery
  • Developing the processes and procedures by which they communicate and engage with the community
  • Supporting community-led recovery and renewal of the MidCoast community

Reference Group members are:

Councillor representatives:

Mayor David West

Deputy Mayor Claire Pontin

Community representatives:

Adam Parish

Alastair Breingan

Bettina Bettington

Bree Katsamangos

Daniel Trudgeon

Daintry Gerrand

Greg Hale

Jenny Brewer

Kim MacDonald

Kylie Atkinson

Linda MacKenzie

Lindsay Segal

Lucinda Fischer

Mark Johnson

Mike Parsons

Neal Parker

Peter Ruprecht

Sandra Zielke

Sharon Chamberlain

Trypheyna McShane

A meeting schedule will be determined by the group at their first meeting to be held on 23 June 2020.

Supporting Documentation