Community Inclusion and Wellbeing Reference Group

The purpose of the Reference Group is to provide strategic advice and feedback to assist Council in making the MidCoast an accessible, inclusive and cohesive community, where all people can participate fully in community life, regardless of their age, ability or background.

The Reference Group reflects the value Council places on our unique, diverse and culturally rich communities as well as our connected community.

The group assists Council to deliver on the following strategies from the Community Strategic Plan:

  • Provide equitable access to services, programs, spaces and facilities;
  • Strengthen the capacity of our young people to participate and thrive in community life
  • Support the strengthening of social connectedness through programs and partnerships
  • Welcome people of all abilities and backgrounds

Reference Group members

Councillor representatives

Cr Keegan

Cr Smith

Community representatives

Felicity Carter

Judy Hollingworth

Jane Stevenson

Karen Fuller

John Price

Kylie Atkinson

Mark Norris

Mave Richardson

The following positions are agency / provider representatives

Anna Burley – Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group

David Isbel – Valley Industries

Bree Katsamangos – Mission Australia

Meeting notes

Supporting documentation