Local Heritage Fund


Council and the NSW State Government offer grants to owners of local heritage places to provide a 'helping hand' to make a start to renovating or conserving their place.

The grants offer assistance of up to $2,000, but in some special cases up to $5,000 can be provided. Owners need to show how they are also contributing to the project, as the grant can not be more than 50% of the total project costs. Please note the grant offered can not be increased if the cost of the works exceed the original estimate.

Currently there are almost 550 heritage places and 14 heritage conservation areas listed in the MidCoast Council area which are eligible to apply for funding.

What projects are eligible?

Eligible projects can involve the repair, maintenance or reinstatement of missing items on heritage buildings. This can include fences, verandahs, windows, roof cladding and decorative detail. Structural work through to painting can be eligible for funding. Projects must be located within the MidCoast Council area.

Funding will not be provided where:

  • work has commenced or been completed without prior knowledge or agreement of Council or the heritage advisor
  • substantial assistance has been previously provided or where the applicant did not complete previous projects
  • it is proposed to purchase reusable equipment (eg power tools) or the purchase of a building/site
  • inappropriate use of materials/work is proposed that does not comply with heritage principles (eg extensions to a heritage building or relocated building) or for studies/reports related to the demolition, removal or relocation of heritage items.

The conditions of approval outline the requirements that need to be met by successful applicants.

Assessment criteria

The following criteria will be assessed against your application (it is not necessary to meet all of these criteria):

  • the applicant’s ability to demonstrate technical and financial responsibility with regard to the project and meet the completion date of 2 May 2022
  • the degree to which the applicant is financially contributing to the project (contribution must be at least 50%)
  • projects which are visible (eg replacement of a verandah to a building in a main street location) or demonstrate important heritage value to the community
  • projects which have public accessibility (eg local museum, church or a private home which is open to the public several times a year)
  • projects which are located in an area which has received little or no funding previously
  • urgent projects to avert a threat to a heritage item.

Timing/reporting of project

Works must be completed and a final report provided to Council by 2 May 2022. Prior to completion, regular updates are to be submitted as milestones are reached (emails are sufficient). The final report will provide a record of the work undertaken, expenditure and photographs (before/after). If updates or the final report are not provided, funding may be withdrawn.

What you need to do

  1. Contact the heritage advisor (Lillian Cullen) -- discuss the eligibility / details of your project and determine whether a development approval is required. Please call Council on 7955 7777 to organise an appointment with Lillian if required.
  2. Background research - to demonstrate how the work maintains / restores the heritage value of the place. Your local library, historical society or Lillian may be able to assist.
  3. Plan - decide on the extent of work to be undertaken in a clear schedule of works. Try to match materials and building styles. You need to get quotes for the work (two quotes are suggested). Depending on the size of the project you may need to include sketches / plans. Take photographs of the setting of the building, elevations and close-ups of any particular work to be done.
  4. Fill in the application form - either post or email a copy to Council and don't forget to include the attachments. All applications need to be received by Council by Monday 19 April 2021. 


Important - do not assume immediate approval of your project or that retrospective work will be reimbursed without prior agreement. Work should not commence until you have received an approval letter from Council