Local community planning

Council is committed to working with our local community to enable them to be the best they can be. There are many ways you can share with us your community’s aspirations and needs for the future, such as:

  • attending our Community Conversations,
  • providing input into our Community Plan, Delivery Program, or Operational Plan,
  • having your say on projects you care about through our regular engagement activities,
  • sign up as a member of our Have your say page, so you can stay in the loop on projects that interest you.

Previously we have worked with smaller communities across MidCoast to develop local community plans. While we no longer facilitate this process, some communities may see the benefit of creating a plan to guide their efforts, funding applications and to communicate their priorities to all levels of government.

Below are a series of resources to assist communities wishing to develop a local community plan. Before getting started though, we encourage you to talk with us first, as there may be other ways to put your community’s priorities on Council’s agenda. You can email the Engagement, Communications, and Education team here.

Purpose of a local community plan

Community planning is the process of a community working together to identify the long-term vision and objectives to improve the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of their town or village.

When done well, community planning allows communities to develop their skills and resources to grow their community sustainably. It also allow communities to take advantage of opportunities, such as grants, and to be more strategic and targeted in gaining resourcing and support for community projects.

The community planning process 

If your community were to decide that an LCP is needed within your community, the flow chart below provides an overview of a process designed to ensure the whole of your community is represented in the plan. However, there are numerous approaches to community planning, and your group needs to find a process that works for you.

Local community planning process.png


Get to know your community

Understanding the make-up of your local community is an essential component of community planning.

Gathering accurate information on the demographic profile of the people within your community is easily accessible using reliable sources such as Profile ID (LINK). This online tool uses up-to-date Census data broken down into specific topics of interest.

Remplan (link) is another online tool, which provides an overview of the economic profile of our community. This can be useful in understanding the types of occupations and industries in your area.


Linking your plan to the bigger picture

To strengthen the implementation of your plan, it is important to consider how it fits within the broader long-term strategic direction of other organisations that have an interest in your community. These could be Federal and State plans, government departments, Council, peak bodies, Not for profits, Chambers of Commerce, and local businesses.

Articulating how your plan aligns with their long-term vision can assist in the implementation and sustainability of your plan, as it can make it easier to seek approval, source funding, and gain in-kind support.

Plans you may consider useful in considering would be:

Examples of local community plans

Some examples of local community plans that have been developed and are in use by the community include:

You can also download a template below, which provides an example framework for a local community plan.

Local Community Plan - draft template(DOCX, 15KB)