Local community planning

Community plans can be a way for our smaller communities to guide their efforts, funding applications and to communicate their priorities to all levels of government.

We are currently building a range of resources to support communities who wish to undertake this activity. These will be available by the beginning of June 2022.

However we do encourage communities who think a community plan may be a solution for them to make contact with us before doing so in case there are more effective ways of delivering on the outcomes they wish to achieve.

Right now, local community planning is taking place in:

North Arm Cove / Carrington

A local community planning steering group has been formed for the North Arm Cove/Carrington community. 

This group is working with the wider community to identify areas that need to be included in their local community plan. 

The group can be contacted via nacctsg@gmail.com

Please note, the issue of non-urban land in the North Arm Cove area is excluded from the local community planning process.

For information on this issue please see our information on non-urban land.


We are currently working with the Steering Group to develop Wingham's Local Community Plan.

The Steering Group members are:

Kev Ellis - Kev moved to Wingham in 2013 and quickly developed a strong attachment to the area. He is excited about this opportunity to to help shape the community's vision for the future and would love to hear any suggestions from community members. You can contact Kev on 0418 375 491 to discuss the plan.

Donna Ballard - Donna was born in the Manning and completed her schooling here. She has always had an interest and involvement in community development, music and cultural events, and joined the steering group to assist in creating a shared future vision for Wingham that reflects the community.

Grahame Nash -  Grahame is a chartered accountant and financial planner who was born and raised in the 'Valley'. He has been an active small business advocate for over 30 years with a strong interest in the future wellbeing and amenity of Wingham and the region.

James Pearson - 

Peter Axisa - 

Belinda Robertson - 

Jennifer Granger - 


Local community plans are already in place in: