Community Engagement

We are committed to engaging with our community in a meaningful way to support decision making, plan for projects, and to strengthen our communities. By inviting your participation, we aim to create a sense of belonging, connection and involvement, and ultimately greater ownership of decisions by the whole community. Successful engagement is also about building strong relationships.

While engagement takes place on issues and activities that range in size from small, location-specific projects, to large region-wide projects, our approach is always based on the core values and levels created by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

Your feedback during the engagement process is one important element in our decision making, and is considered in the context of a range of other considerations, such as social impacts, budget parameters, legislation, Council policies and resolutions, environmental impacts and technical and professional advice.

View our Community Engagement Strategy(PDF, 2MB) (which includes our Community Participation Plan) for more information about our approach, and our Communications Strategy(PDF, 1MB), which guides the ways we connect with you during engagement activities.

Feedback from consultation programs




Local Community Conversations

We re-visited 12 locations across the MidCoast during October and November 2019, following up on our conversations with you earlier this year when you told us what was important for your local community. 

Commonly asked questions or themes for each location have been collated into a Q&A and shared with your community after the sessions. You can view the Q&As collated through our previous conversations by clicking the concertina below.


October  / November 2019 

Pacific Palms - Community Hall - 17 October - Pacific Palms Q & A(PDF, 396KB)  -  Planning in Pacific Palms powerpoint(PDF, 1MB)  -  Handout(PDF, 1MB)

Forster - Council Chambers - 22 October - Forster Q & A(PDF, 241KB)

Bulahdelah - School of Arts Hall - 24 October - Bulahdelah Q & A(PDF, 264KB)

Old Bar - Club Old Bar - 29 October - Old Bar Q & A(PDF, 406KB)

Gloucester - Senior Citizens Hall - 5 November - Gloucester Q & A(PDF, 400KB)

Taree - Council Chambers - 6 November - Taree Q & A(PDF, 531KB)

Harrington - Club Harrington - 7 November - Harrington Q & A(PDF, 386KB)

Stroud - School of Arts - RESCHEDULED - 10 December - Stroud Q & A(PDF, 390KB)

Hallidays Point - Black Head SLSC - 19 November - Hallidays Point Q & A(PDF, 643KB)

Wingham - Services Club - 20 November - Wingham Q & A(PDF, 478KB)

Tea Gardens - Baptist Church - 26 November - Tea Gardens Q & A(PDF, 431KB)

Nabiac - Showground Hall - 28 November - Nabiac Q & A(PDF, 460KB)


April / May 2019


Old Bar - Club Old Bar - 26 March  - Old Bar Q&A document(PDF, 528KB)

Nabiac - Showground Hall - 28 March - Nabiac Q&A document(PDF, 233KB)

Stroud - School of Arts Hall - 2 April - Stroud Q&A document(PDF, 436KB)

Hallidays Point - Blackhead SLSC - 11 April - Hallidays Point Q&A document(PDF, 271KB)

Taree - Council Chambers - 16 April - Taree Q&A document(PDF, 220KB)

Forster - Council Chambers - 17 April - Forster Q&A document(PDF, 377KB)

Gloucester - Senior Citizens - 17 April - Gloucester Q&A document(PDF, 290KB)

Harrington - Bowling Club - 30 April - Harrington Q&A document(PDF, 288KB)

Bulahdelah - School of Arts Hall - 1 May - Bulahdelah Q&A document(PDF, 230KB)

Pacific Palms - Community Hall - 2 May - Pacific Palms Q&A document(PDF, 365KB)

Wingham - Services Club - 7 May - Wingham Q&A document(PDF, 553KB)

Tea Gardens - Baptist Church - 9 May - Tea Gardens Q&A document(PDF, 275KB)

Community Satisfaction Survey Results

We regularly undertake community satisfaction surveys to get an independent, statistically valid picture of our community's concerns and priorities.

This information is important to us so we can work to ensure our plans and activities reflect the feedback we receive from our community.

The most recent survey was conducted over a two-week period in February 2020 with over 400 people contacted by telephone. Participants were asked to provide feedback on a range of Council service areas through a series of questions lasting around 15 to 20 minutes.

From that survey we know a number of things about our community, and how they perceive the services we are providing to them.

Our residents highly rate the lifestyle they enjoy in the MidCoast region, with 75 per cent rating it is excellent or very good. Overall 71% are satisfied with Council and they are at least satisfied with 70% of Council services and facilities. They largely feel that the area is affordable and safe despite the recent circumstances.

The survey results indicate communication, engagement and reflecting community sentiment in decision making are key drivers for our community, and areas we need to continue to focus on to deliver on our community's expectations.

The things our community most values about living in the MidCoast are:

  • Our lifestyle
  • Our environment
  • Our location

The things that are most important for us to deliver for our community are:

  • Information
  • Opportunities to participate in decision-making
  • Long term planning for our area
  • Maintenance of local bridges
  • Decision making that reflects community opinion

The top four things our community believes are the highest priority for us to deliver over the coming 10 years are:

  • Roads and supporting infrastructure such as parks and bridges
  • Water supplies that are affordable and drought proof
  • Improved community services
  • Employment and business opportunities

When it comes to how MidCoast Council compares to regional benchmarks our community is higher than the median in 11 of 14 categories - with three falling below the benchmark. These are:

  • Council plans well to help secure the community's long term future
  • Information about Council and its decisions is clear and accessible
  • The community is harmonious, cohesive and inclusive

The services we deliver that matter the most to our community are:

  • Maintaining local roads
  • Supporting local jobs and business
  • Emergency management
  • Maintaining local bridges
  • Water quality

The five things our community are the least satisfied with our performance in are:

  • Maintaining local roads
  • Council decision making reflecting community opinion
  • The overall condition of the local sealed road network
  • Opportunity to participate in Council decision making
  • Engaging the community in planning

Overall, looking at what our community values, and how they believe we are performing, the areas we most need to focus on are:

  • Maintaining local roads and footpaths
  • Provision of information to the community
  • Providing opportunities for the community to participate in decision making and planning
  • Making decisions that reflect community opinion
  • Financial management
  • Economic development, supporting local jobs and businesses

Survey results