Wherever you are in the MidCoast, we live surrounded by natural beauty that extends from our pristine coastline, across rolling green hills, and up to our rugged escarpments and tropical rainforests.
Where will you leave your final footprint in our stunning region?  

Did you know we manage cemeteries across the entire MidCoast region? But we understand everyone is unique, and we celebrate the diversity of the people who call the MidCoast area home.

Whether you choose to follow a family tradition, or create a new one, we’re here to explore your ideas and create a personalised approach that suits you and your loved ones. You can find out more by downloading the flyer(PDF, 1MB), or by emailing our cemeteries team with your enquiry. You can also explore the tabs below for more information and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Please note, we are currently working on improving our cemetery information and procedures. New content will be added here very soon.

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We manage cemeteries across the entire MidCoast region. Download a map(PDF, 671KB) that shows all our cemetery locations.

You can also find out more about each of our cemeteries, their locations and unique features, by clicking the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to make decisions about your own burial, or that of a loved one, can be quite confronting and confusing. To help you better understand the services we provide, we've compiled a number of answers to frequently asked questions about our Cemeteries. 

What is a Grantee?

A Grantee is the person that a Right of Burial has been granted to.

What is a Right of Burial?

Also known as a Burial Licence, a ‘Right of Burial’ is an exclusive right granted by Council for use of a burial, cremation or memorial site. The holder of the Right of Burial (the Grantee) has the authority to determine who can be interred or buried in the grave or cremation plot, and to request the installation of headstones, inscriptions or memorials on the site.

What happens to a reserved plot/site when I am deceased?

If the plot will not be occupied by the Grantee, then the Right of Burial will become part of the Deceased Estate and will be managed by the Executor accordingly.

Does the Grantee own the land where the grave/interment site is?

No. The ownership of the land, wall, garden and memorials remains with Council. The Grantee’s entitlement is limited to use and access of the burial site described in the Right of Burial.

Can anyone apply to have a burial/interment into a reserved plot?

The Grantee (or appointed agent, normally a Funeral Director) are the only people that can authorise a burial in a reserved plot. An application must be made for a Burial Permit prior to burial.

How many burials can take place in a grave site?

Some sites can accept two (2) burials (double depth), however this is dependant on the soil type and may not always be possible. You will need to check with Council for further information.

Can the ashes of a cremated person/s be placed in a grave?

Yes. As well as two (2) burials, ashes can also be interred into a single grave. Consideration must be made however in relation to the number of names that can be shown on the memorial marker. (Usually a maximum of 6 names)

How do I know the details of the site I would like to reserve?

Visit the Cemetery that you would like to reserve your plot in and select a location. It is advised to select a few preferences in case your preferred option is already reserved. Once your preferred site has been selected, visit Council’s Customer Service Centre who will be able to confirm availability, location and any conditions and restrictions that may be relevant to the plot you have chosen. Alternatively, you can ask our Customer Service Team to find the closest available site near to a loved one. Once your chosen site
has been confirmed you will need to fill out an Application for Exclusive Rights Reservation, and pay the relevant fees.

What do I do if I do not have a reserved site and require a plot for immediate use?

Your Funeral Director will liaise with Council and make all necessary arrangements. Any associated Council costs will be managed by the Funeral Director as a part of their service fees to you.  

What is an Application for Burial or Interment of Ashes Permit?

An Application for Burial or Interment of Ashes Permit must be lodged with Council by the Funeral Director prior to a burial or an interment taking place. The burial or interment must be carried out by a qualified Stonemason or Undertaker which will be arranged by the Funeral Director. Any associated Council costs will be managed by the Funeral Director as part of their service to you.

How do I relinquish a reservation?

You will need to advise Council in writing if you would like to relinquish a reservation, attaching the original Right of Burial/Reservation Certificate.

Council will then process and refund the amounts already paid (less 20% administration costs) by cheque to the Grantee.

How do I go about making funeral arrangements?

Council has no involvement in Funeral Arrangements. A Funeral Director should be contacted who will assist you with all the necessary arrangements including any permits that are required through Council.

Can I pre-pay my Funeral?

For advice on pre-paid Funeral Bonds/Funeral Payment Plans contact a Funeral Director.

How do I engage a Gravedigger?

You will need to contact a Funeral Director for all grave digging requirements.

Reservations & pre-purchasing

Pre-purchasing an interment site is an option many people choose to ensure their loved ones are not burdened with tough decisions during an emotional and distressing time. Purchasing ahead of time also allows you to decide on a location, perhaps near family and friends, that is right for you.

Deciding on a site is as simple as visiting the cemetery you wish to be buried in, selecting two or three preferred locations, and visiting Council’s Customer Service Centre to confirm availability. Alternatively, you can ask our Customer Service Team to find the closest available site near to a loved one. Once your chosen site has been confirmed you will need to fill out an Application for Exclusive Rights Reservation, and pay the associated fees.

Sites required for immediate use will be organised at the time of need by your Funeral Director, who will liaise with us on your behalf.