Heavy Vehicles

B double Routes

B Double routes in the MidNorth Coast are approved by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS). You can find maps and approved road lists here.

Restricted Access Vehicles are:

  • B-Doubles including 19m B-Doubles operating at full axel loads i.e. 55.5 tonnes
  • 23 metre B-Doubles
  • 25/26 metre B-Doubles
  • 4.5 metre High Vehicles
  • Road Trains

How RAV Routes are determined

Each council is responsible for deciding whether large freight vehicles are allowed to operate on their local roads. A determination of a RAV route involves:

  • An assessment of the proposed route for the specific vehicle
  • A community consultation process
  • RMS and Council approval

For more information and the map of the approved B Double routes, visit the RMS Restricted Access Vehicles web page.

Mid North Weight of Loads Group

MidCoast Council is part of Mid North Weight of Loads Group. This group works in co-operation with the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority to protect and prolong the life of our roads by reducing the incidence of overloaded vehicles.

Mid North Weight of Loads Group website

Load Limits

Gloucester Region:

 Bridge No.   Bridge Name   Road & Location   Load Limit   By Track Available 
104 Callaghan's

 10.9km on Callaghans Creek Road  

 Closed Yes
 239  Geale's

 31km on Scone Road

Closed Yes
141 Fairbairn's 

1.6km on Fairbairn's Road

 5 Tonne Yes
 18   Avon River Bridge  

 2.4km on Jacks Road

15 Tonne


Manning Region:

  Bridge No.     Bridge Name     Road Name     Load Limit     Speed Limit (kph)     Detour  
1099  Ashlea  Wherrol Flat 

  40T - GVM - Art. Veh.  

18T - Rigid Veh.

 40  None available 
1096    Dollys Flat Road Bridge No. 2   Dollys Flat 

18T Axel

 None available  
  Christies Lane 

  Christies Lane 


Great Lakes Region:

Awaiting information.