Online Planning Tools


The NSW Government is committed to simplifying the planning system in NSW by introducing online services on the Planning Portal to allow traditional face to face transactions to be conducted online.

The Planning Portal will provide users with facilities to:

  • access planning controls which may affect their property or land
  • investigate development options at their property or on their land;
  • submit development applications and complying development certificates; and
  • view plans, maps and drawings accompanying development applications and complying development certificates.

Until the Planning Portal is operational, to find out the requirements for exempt or complying development go to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.

If you are not sure if you need approval or not, fill in our help form and we will get back to you with advice ASAP.

A BASIX certificate forms part of the documentation you must submit to your Council or an accredited certifier when applying for a complying development certificate. A BASIX certificate is also required when submitting a development application to Council.

Use the BASIX tool

Great Lakes Region - Additional Planning Tools

The tools below are designed to enable you to find out what development is possible on your property and the planning rules that apply. The information is drawn from the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014 (LEP) and the Great Lakes Development Control Plan (DCP). Please note that these resources utilise external software, and are therefore not fully compatible with our website accessibility guidelines.

Planning Rules

Use this tool to identify and review the general planning rules that are applicable in the Great lakes Region.

Planning Enquiry

Use this tool to find out if your proposed development can be done on a selected property.

Property Search

Use this tool to locate and check the zoning of a property.