We’re wild about whales in Black Head

Published on 06 December 2016

The new whale watching platform at Black Head

The team at MidCoast Council, in conjunction with Hallidays Point Landcare, have completed construction of a new whale-watching platform at Black Head, making the most of one of the best vantage points along the MidCoast region’s pristine coastline.

A solid timber construction and a welcome addition to the Hallidays Point area, the new platform stands 4 metres tall to ensure the protection of its littoral rainforest surrounds.  And with its completion just in time for the peak summer season, holidaymakers will enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

The project was identified as a priority by Hallidays Point Landcare some years ago and included in MidCoast Council’s Environmental Action Plan.  The new structure replaces a former viewing area which, over time, became hindered by endangered native vegetation which is protected by law.

Alana Parkins, Hallidays Point Landcare, welcomed the new whale watching platform. “We’re really thrilled that such a wonderful structure is now in place. It was great to partner with MidCoast Council staff, especially Rob Cowley who designed and constructed the lookout tower. This is a great asset for Hallidays Point”.

The platform will be a valuable addition for the local community, and a popular tourist landmark, particularly during the whale-watching season which runs from May to November each year.  Tanya Cross, Team Leader Environmental Services, explains “Whales migrate north along the NSW coastline to warmer waters from around late-April to August, where they mate and give birth before returning southwards from around September to November.  The whale-watching experience is just magical, and the new lookout offers the perfect vantage point”.

The whale-watching platform has been funded through the MidCoast Council (Manning region) Environmental Levy, with contributions from Hallidays Point Landcare.  “This is a terrific example of collaboration and a positive outcome”, Tanya added.

Access the platform via the street behind the Black Head Surf Life Saving Club (off Main Street), following the walking track shown in red.