Take the road rules quiz

Published on 28 February 2018


Are you a driver who knows all the road rules? Now you can challenge your family and friends to see who is most up to date with the road rules.

It's road rules awareness week and MidCoast Council has prepared a fun quiz for you to complete to see just how knowledgeable you are on the rules.  Take the quiz here and challenge friends and family - it may be harder than you think!

The Centre for Road Safety has developed online video animations that simply explain the rules of the most misunderstood road rules to help all road users with the road rules. 

"Road Rules Awareness Week is a great opportunity for drivers to improve their knowledge of the most misunderstood road rules.  I encourage all drivers to make the effort to improve road safety and discuss road rules with others" says Council's Road Safety Officer Chris Dimarco.

Free booklets are also available at Council offices or MidCoast libraries that simply illustrate and explain the most misunderstood road rules.