Managing the Manning in times of flood

Published on 10 August 2017

Manning in Flood.JPG

It’s known for its great fishing, stunning picnic locations, and sparkling backdrop for so many different water sports, but there’s no doubt the mighty Manning River is a risk to people and property during times of flood. The team at MidCoast Council will soon look to the community in developing a plan to manage flooding in the Manning River Floodplain.

A comprehensive Floodplain Risk Management Study will be undertaken in coming months, aimed at identifying and assessing a range of flood management measures that may be used to assist in mitigating damage caused by future flooding in the Manning River Estuary. Up for consideration will be structural options such as levees and detention basins, disaster management improvements, community awareness activities, and land use planning changes.

MidCoast Council has commissioned engineering consultants BMT WBM to develop the study. It follows on from the Manning River Flood Study completed in 2016, which used historical information to determine flood levels in various flood events.

Roshan Khadka, MidCoast Council’s Coastal and Flooding Engineer explains, “The first study has informed what can be expected in terms of flooding impact in the Manning region, and we’re now looking to develop a suite of options that will guide how we manage the risks associated with flood events into the future”.

As part of the study, residents and business owners will be encouraged to share their ideas to improve flood management in the region. Options identified through the study will be assessed to understand their potential impacts and benefits, with a final suite of recommended options presented in the Manning River Floodplain Risk Management Plan, expected to be completed by late 2018.

“The community will be asked to contribute by completing a questionnaire to highlight their priorities and challenges regarding local flooding and to provide ideas around potential flood management activities. At a later stage they’ll be asked to review a short-list of flood management options by attending community information sessions”, Roshan added.

A Floodplain Management Committee, made up of Council representatives and community members, will be established to oversee the direction of the study and to ensure community concerns are reflected in the study outcomes. A call for expressions of interest to be part of this Committee will be advertised later this year.

For more information about the Manning River Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan please email

This project is supported by the NSW Government’s Floodplain Management Program and is part of MidCoast Council’s commitment to supporting the local community.