Exploring electromagnetic connectivity

Published on 14 July 2017


Manning Regional Art Gallery will take us on an exploratory journey of electromagnetic fields when Manning Valley artist Satu Bushell's 'Perpetual Motion' exhibition launches on Saturday 22 July at 2pm.

Satu's mixed media installations in 'Perpetual Motion' explore the interconnection between us and the natural world - and the life cycles that drive life on our planet.

Satu says "leading edge scientific research confirms this interconnection between all life forms through the study of electromagnetic fields. Every person and object, including non-living forms, emit electromagnetic fields. The body’s largest electromagnetic field is generated by the heart which extends several metres around us in all directions. The signal it emits is strongly influenced by the thoughts, emotions and beliefs an individual is experiencing in any given moment.

Perpetual Motion guides the viewer through a series of engaging installations, entering the space and experiencing the lights, feelings, sounds and visuals. The works put a focus on the significance of the individual and the way in which they perceive themselves physically and emotionally, and how that plays an important role in the continuous cycle of the planet.

The exhibition explores ideas of the cell as the building block for living things, and the similarities between animal, plant and human life. 

'Perpetual Motion' derives from Satu's interest in the environment. Previously she has concentrated on the effects of the ecological footprint of humans on the environment.

Satu says "survival of this planet and our species is dependent upon us strengthening our connection with ourselves, one another and planet Earth".

'Perpetual Motion' will be launched together with 'Coalescence', which encapsulates the journey between two life-long friends and the unique interpretations gathered from similar experiences and interests.  Both exhibitions are open until Sunday 27 August.

You're very welcome to join us at the Gallery on Macquarie Street Taree at the joint opening, which is free entry.  For more information on other exciting events at the Gallery, please visit: http://mrag.midcoast.nsw.gov.au