A hot tip for waste disposal in Tuncurry

Published on 11 August 2017

Tuncurry Waste Transfer Station.jpg

It’s great news for residents and businesses across the Forster, Tuncurry and surrounding areas as the new Tuncurry Waste Transfer Station officially opened its doors for business last week. And even better news, its clearly labelled disposal bins will help to simplify the sorting process.

The new state-of-the-art facility comes off the back of the old Tuncurry landfill site reaching capacity, highlighting an on-going need for vigilance around waste disposal and minimising our impact on the environment. And here’s the tip – users who sort their load and dispose correctly into the labelled bins will not only help to divert recyclable waste from landfill, but will be charged a lower per tonne disposal fee.

The Waste Transfer Station includes a weighbridge that ensures a fairer system for all, with both residents and businesses paying only for the weight of their load. Sorted and unsorted domestic waste will continue to be accepted at the Tuncurry site, with the new disposal bin system expected to increase recyclables by up to 50%. Commercial quantities of sorted green waste, metal waste, concrete bricks and tiles, and timber are also suitable for drop-off at the facility.

“It’s no longer the domain of 4WD’s and trailers, the design of the new transfer station allows everyone to drop off their waste in a clean and tidy space, away from trucks and heavy equipment”, Amy Hill, MidCoast Council’s Waste Program Coordinator explained. “By making it easier for people to sort their loads at the site, we’re effectively reducing the amount of waste that will ultimately end up in landfill, keeping in mind that no waste produced by MidCoast residents is transported outside the region for disposal”.

The Tuncurry facility has been designed along similar lines to the award-winning Bulahdelah Transfer Station, where reclaiming of recyclable materials has doubled. Made possible through EPA grant funding, the site is operated by contractors, Great Lakes Community Resources, who have ensured a continual service and minimum disruption over the 6 month construction period.

Unsorted and non-recyclable domestic waste will be transferred to the Bucketts Way landfill at no additional charge, however businesses wanting to drop unsorted commercial waste will need to dispose of it directly at the Bucketts Way landfill.

For hours of operation, disposal fees and tips on sorting your load, visit www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/TuncurryWasteManagement

MidCoast Council also operates waste disposal facilities at Gloucester, the Bucketts Way, Tea Gardens and Stroud, and is committed to minimising the impact of waste on the region’s natural environment.

“There’s been a lot of recent media coverage about illegal waste disposal… we’re pleased to confirm that we don’t contribute, and never have, to any waste being unlawfully disposed of or sent interstate for disposal”, Amy added. To find out where your waste goes within our region, and what happens to it, visit www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/Waste