Where should we build the new Wingham pool?

Submissions closed on 04 May 2018, 04:30 PM

While proximity to town was identified by locals as a priority when considering a new home for the Wingham Memorial Swimming Pool, the existing Bowling Club site is no longer an option.

The location was under consideration pending a decision on whether Wingham Bowling Club would amalgamate with Wingham Golf Club. But in a vote undertaken on Sunday 25 March, Bowling Club members have opted to stay put.

At this stage, the Wingham Sporting Complex in Coglan Avenue is considered the most feasible option.


Co-locating the pool in an area already established as a sporting precinct makes common sense but based on what the community has told us, its distance from the town centre makes it an unpopular choice.

The relocation of the Wingham Memorial Swimming Pool comes off the back of MidCoast Council’s plans to replace the ageing Cedar Party Creek Bridge.

The ‘investigation phase’ for the project is due for completion in May, and an application for construction funding has been made, which if successful, incorporates the costs associated with relocating and replacing the current pool on a like for like basis.

In our forward planning, the existing pool at Wingham would remain in place for the swimming season while the new swimming pool facility is constructed.

To make a suggestion about a potential relocation site for the Wingham pool simply use the interactive map below or email us at council@midcoast.nsw.gov.au

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