MidCoast Local Environmental Plan (MC LEP)

Ongoing consultation

Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) guide development, planning decisions and protect natural resources in each local government area. An LEP includes the zoning and development controls that allow councils and other consent authorities to manage the ways in which land is used.

An LEP that is based on contemporary planning principles will provide clear and consistent direction to the community on development and environmental management in the MidCoast Council area.

A new LEP for the MidCoast local government area can only be achieved by consolidating, updating and rationalising the aims, objectives, development standards and provisions of the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014, Gloucester Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2010 and Greater Taree Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2010.

Council had already commenced work on both a Rural Opportunities and Land Use Strategy (ROLUS) and Housing Strategy, so it was determined that this work would continue and inform the preparation of a consolidated LEP and DCP for the MidCoast.

Preparing an LEP Diagram

Given the scope of work, a series of workshops will be held with the elected Council to enable progressive decisions to be made on the Strategies and the content of the MidCoast Local Environmental Plan.

Councillor workshops shall only be scheduled following a process of consultation between the relevant departments of Council and where appropriate, discussion with key state agencies including the Department of Planning & Environment Hunter-Central Coast Regional Office.

Principle 1 - Acknowledge diversity and local character

To identify and protect our diverse and valuable natural landscapes and to recognise the desired roles and character of our different urban settlements.  

Principle 2 - Consistency with State

To prepare the local environmental plan in a manner consistent with State legislation and guidelines.

Principle 3 - Regional Policies and Plans

To apply the goals and actions for the MidCoast local government area contained in regional policies and plans.

Principle 4 - Council Strategies

To reflect the actions, goals and recommendations of Council strategies.

The preparation of the MidCoast LEP is expected to take up to three years and the stages may be represented as follows:

LEP process time diagram

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