Draft Community Strategic Plan

Submissions closing on 23 February 2018, 04:30 PM

Be part of our vision for the future

Who are we? What do we value? Where do we want our region to be?

MidCoast Council has been listening to what the community has been saying on these issues since formation and this information has informed the development of a draft Community Strategic Plan – MidCoast 2030: shared vision, shared responsibility.

This plan will be an important roadmap to capture our community’s aspirations for the future and guide us to achieve the outcomes the community has indicated are priorities.

The draft plan is currently on public exhibition and we want your feedback

It is important that this plan ‘hits the mark’ in reflecting a vision for the whole community.

Between now and 23 February we are inviting our community to get involved, tell us what they think – and tell us if we have ‘hit the mark’.

You can view the draft plan by clicking on the link to the right of this page.

How can I be involved?

There are a number of ways our community can be involved in reviewing the draft plan and providing feedback

It is important that the CSP 'hits the mark' in reflecting the vision of the whole community. Please keep your eye on this page for any additional ways in which you can take part in the process. Tell us if we've 'hit the mark'.

Why is a Community Strategic Plan important?

The MidCoast 2030: shared vision, shared responsibility Community Strategic Plan guides us all in how to achieve these goals and provides a measure of our progress. Developed in collaboration with the community for the community, the CSP is reviewed every four years and is the guiding document for all of Council’s plans and policies.

From the Community Strategic Plan, we will develop a four year delivery program that sets out the key strategies that council will use to deliver the Community Strategic Plan over the following years, and then an annual operational plan and an annual budget that gives a much more detailed view of how the plan will be delivered during that period.

Although Council takes responsibility for leading the process by developing the Community Strategic Plan, and has a major role in delivering on the objectives. The plan belongs to the whole community and everyone has a role to play in moving towards our vision.

This is the first MidCoast Council Community Strategic Plan. Gathering community input into the plan began soon after the merger with Council's "What is MidCoast" project and has continued throughout 2017.

Vision and values

During the "What is MidCoast" project, the community developed a vision for MidCoast to strive toward:
We aspire to be a place of unique environmental significance where our quality of life and sense of community is balanced by sustainable and sensitive development, which fosters economic growth

Five broad values emerged that reflect our community vision. These values have been used to frame our community's objectives and strategies in the plan. They are:

  • We value our unique, diverse and culturally rich communities
  • We value a connected community
  • We value our environment
  • We value our thriving and growing economy
  • We value leadership and shared vision

How can I lodge my feedback?

You can provide your feedback on the plan in a number of ways:

The paper survey, or any other written comments you may like to provide, can be lodged with us via

Email: community@midcoast.nsw.gov.au

In person at any one of our offices.

Mail: Community Strategic Plan Consultation

MidCoast Council Engagement Team

PO Box 450

Forster NSW 2428