Fire & Emergency Services Levy

FESL Tile.jpg A letter from the NSW Treasury will soon be sent out to property owners throughout NSW announcing a change to the way the NSW Government will collect the levy that funds the state’s fire and emergency services. For MidCoast property-owners, this letter will be mailed out in April with the fourth quarter rates instalment notices (or separately for property-owners who do not receive a rates instalment notice).

This is not a council charge or levy, but will impact your Council rates from 1 July 2017, when the NSW Government will remove the Fire and Emergency Services Levy from your home insurance premium, and instead include it as a line item on your rates notice.

To find out more about the levy, how it is calculated and how it will impact you visit or check their FAQ’s.  You may also contact  the NSW Treasury on 1300 78 78 72, or by email on

The State Government has also set-up an insurance monitor to oversee the transition and make certain insurers genuinely phase out the insurance-based levy during the changeover to the property-based levy. For advice and guidance on how the change will impact your insurance visit

As part of this transition, your property has been classified as residential, farmland, industrial, commercial or public benefit, and vacant or non vacant. If you disagree with your property’s classification, you can request a review by completing the FESL Land Classification Review form below. We will notify you of the outcome of the review within 40 days, however requesting a review does not guarantee a change to your property’s classification.

FESL Land Classification Review form

Click here to view form.