Regional Economic Development Strategy


The development of consistent Regional Economic Development Strategies across State regions is the initiative of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, through the Centre for Economic and Regional Development (CERD).

CERD is working closely with local councils to roll out the preparation of REDS, which apply standardised regional economic development methodology to identify existing economic strengths, new opportunities to enhance the region's development, performance and competitiveness and to set the region on a path to sustainable economic development.

Council's Manager of Growth, Economic Development and Tourism, Deb Tuckerman, says "we are very pleased to be working closely with the NSW Government to develop the REDS for the MidCoast region and to be one of the first regions in NSW to do so.

"The REDS will help us provide the evidence we need to attract State resources to underpin regionally significant economic projects and create employment in our region."

Frequently asked questions

I understand Council is also conducting a Rural Opportunities Land Use Strategy (ROLUS).  How does that project related to the REDS?

The brief for ROLUS is to ensure land use planning supports growth and diversity in rural areas.  It is important that you complete this questionnaire.  This will help inform the ROLUS project as to opportunities and potential barriers to growth, which may be related to planning matters such as zoning in rural areas.  The ROLUS team will also be consulting with specific industry groups. The two project teams are working very closely together and sharing information to ensure the consultation processes for each are complementary. 

Following information sessions held across the region last year, MidCoast Council called for people to attend a workshop to contribute to the development of the Strategy.

Council is collaborating with industry, business and community representatives who are taking an active role in driving the development and implementation of a strategy to underpin regional economic and employment growth.

"We've enjoyed a great response people from across the MidCoast who will bring local knowledge and experience about our varied industry and business sectors, in terms of both the opportunities, strengths and challenges," said Deb Tuckerman.

The aim of the process is to identify innovative, well informed economic strategies that link to the key strengths of the area.

Sapere Research Group has been engaged by the NSW Government to prepare the new strategic plan.  "The offer from the NSW Government to facilitate a regional economic development strategy is timely and will link well with our other key strategies including the draft tourism Destination Management Plan which is currently on exhibition" says Council's Manager Growth, Economic Development and Tourism, Deb Tuckerman.

"It’s really important that we have broad community input. The process provides us with access to very detailed information about our current demographics and economic situation, but input from our local community is vital in order to interpret the information and to inform our strategies" says Deb Tuckerman.

"The resulting plan will provide a strong foundation for Council and the community to seek external funding for projects."

The workshops are well underway, with the finalisation of the plan due early in 2018.

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