Our $30 Million Roadcare Program

Road maintenance image with new tar sign

With our community highlighting roads as their number one priority, we established a $30 million Roadcare Program using a combination of merger funding and savings identified through efficiencies delivered through the merger. The Roadcare Program has already started making visible improvements across the MidCoast region.

Where does the $30 million come from?

The $30 million that we have allocated to improving the regions roads and bridges over the next 4 years came from a $4 million per year saving to the merger of the three former Council regions (total $16m). Added to this is a $14 million State Government merger allocation.

How is this money being spent?

The Roadcare program is all about:

  • Road reconstruction projects
  • Road resurfacing projects
  • Bridge repairs

So what has actually been done?

Since the formation of MidCoast Council in May 2016, the first year of the Roadcare Program has seen over $4 million spent on the following projects:

$692k spent on additional road resurfacing in Taree (Henry Flett St, Wingham Rd, Flett St, River St, Kanangra Drv, William Wynter Drv ), Tinonee (Manchester St, Cotton St) and Wingham (Richardson St, Wyoming St, Flett St).

$308k on additional road resurfacing in Gloucester (Carter Cres, Cemetery Rd, Clement St, Hawdon St, Hume St, Tyrell St, Ravenshaw St, Reichert St).

$2.2 million funding to supplement Council-funded road reconstruction projects in the following areas:

  • Diamond Beach Road, Diamond Beach - $500k
  • Harrington Road, Harrington - $400k
  • Combined / Dennes Streets, Wingham - $800k
  • The Bucketts Way (Stage 5), Tinonee - $200k
  • Commerce Street, Taree - $300k

$860k on Timber bridge repairs and reconstruction across the Manning and Great Lakes regions.

See the $30 Million Roadcare Program in action

We are working on a series of videos so you can see exactly where, how and why we are spending $30 million on roads over the next 4 years.

"Call that a new road?" - Road Resealing Explained - Part 1

This video explains why there is a delay between applying the first and second seals of a road surface. Often we receive criticism for this delay, and sometimes people assume the road surface has been finished when only the primer seal has been applied. Our civil engineer went to Combined / Dennes Street in Wingham to demonstrate stage 1 of 2 stage road resealing process.


Super Smooth - Road Resealing Explained - Part 2

MidCoast Council Works Engineer, Claire Shultz explains the second phase of our road resealing project in Wingham, NSW. In this phase a super smooth Asphalted Concrete overlay is applied.

  1. Victor Riley
    It appears residents of the former Great Lakes Council miss out completely from what I read above. The state government forced the merger on the basis both Taree and Gloucester were not fit so why do Great Lakes Residents have to pay for poor management? Taree central has now some of the best road surfaces in the region meanwhile the Lakes Way from The Southern Parkway to Janies Corner is in a deplorable state. Riding a motorcycle on this section of road is extremely dangerous as there are humps up to 50mm. Previous work to stabilise the edges is partially to blame as the edge is firm but 200mm inside the edge has sunk. Water pooling in the depressions is very dangerous. Might be worth a video explaining how it occurred. Underwood Road Forster is similar.