Developing a new Community Strategic Plan


As a community it is important for us to have a document that expresses how we want to develop into the future. This document is called a Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

The CSP guides us all in how to achieve these goals and provides a measure of our progress. Developed in collaboration with the community for the community, this plan will be reviewed every four years and is the guiding document for all of Council’s plans and policies.

Although Council takes responsibility for leading the process by developing the CSP, and has a major role in delivering the CSP objectives; the plan belongs to the whole community and everyone has a role to play in moving towards our vision.

This will be our first CSP as MidCoast Council and has been developed with extensive consultation with the community. Gathering community input into the plan began soon after the merger with Council's "What is MidCoast" project and has continued throughout 2017 and early 2018. After a number of consultation phases, which included developing our shared identity, testing our values and seeking feedback on the draft plan, we have arrived at the final Plan - 'MidCoast 2030 - Shared Vision Shared Responsibility'(PDF, 4MB) . Read more on the consultation process in the Engagement and Communications Strategy(PDF, 1MB)  document.

This plan is being presented to the Strategic meeting of Council on Wednesday 11 April, with a recommendation for endorsement. If endorsed the plan will begin from 1 July 2018.

 Why is a Community Strategic Plan important?

Under legislation, NSW Councils are required to develop a CSP to create a whole of community vision so that council and the community are all working in the same direction. The Plan also provides a way for Council to be accountable to the community and the NSW Government by reporting annually on how implementation is progressing.

From the CSP, council develops a four year Delivery Program that sets out the key strategies that council will use to deliver the CSP over the following years, and then an annual Operational Plan and an annual Budget that gives a much more detailed view of how the Plan will be delivered during that period.

All of the components that make up the CSP framework are informed by meaningfully engaging with the community.

What's in MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility?

The Plan expresses the Vision and Values for MidCoast and outlines how we must work together to make these become a reality. These 5 Key Values set the tone and focus for the plan. These include:

  • We value our unique, diverse and culturally rich communities

  • We value a connected community

  • We value our environment

  • We value our thriving and growing economy

  • We value strong leadership and shared vision

Under these values we then outline where we want to be, how we will get there, who can help and how we will know once we have arrived.

You can view the plan, by clicking on the link in the related documents.

What was the community feedback on the draft MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility?

The Public Exhibition of the draft MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility, involved engaging with the community on whether we had got the plan right and how we could measure the plan to ensure we are on track. We gathered this feedback through a range of forums including consultation papers, surveys, quick polls, face to face pop-ups, presentations and workshops, videos and websites.

Through the various engagement platforms we received a large amount of feedback on the desires, needs and concerns of our local community across a range of issues. To review the summary of this feedback and how it influenced the final plan, you can read the MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility Engagement Outcomes Report. You can also view the final MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility, which is being recommended for endorsement by Council in the related documents.

Additionally, you can read the complete responses from the survey, quick poll, formal submissions and workshops with hard to reach groups, in the related documents.

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  1. Glenda Odgers
    To make the coastal road more attractive to tourist and local families, it would be great to have a safe bicycle track from Forster to Elizabeth Beach. This would be a boost to tourism in the area and encourage local to use bicycles rather than cars. This would encourage healthy activities and be attractive to tourist that want to explore the coastal strip, beaches and Wallis lake communities.
    1. Melissa Bawden
      Thanks for the feedback Glenda, we'll add your comments to the final report.
    2. Maureen Camilleri
      Before a safe Bicycle Path from Forster to Elizabeth Beach we need to address the inconsistencies with the existing one in Forster...that is unsafe.