Cedar Party Creek Bridge replacement

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Updated: 30 June 2017

As the gateway to Wingham, the Cedar Party Creek Bridge forms part of a regional road that connects communities, and provides an important freight route supporting local industry. Thanks to everyone who provided valuable feedback on proposed designs for its future replacement. You can read about 'next steps' below.


28 June, 2017: Ron Hartley, Director of Engineering & Infrastructure Services talks to NBN News after the preferred option was adopted by Council.


  • Cedar Party Creek bridge is an ageing timber bridge that was built in its current form in the early 1960's and is nearing the end of its serviceable life
  • We were successful in winning $350,000 from the RestartNSW program in September last year, for investigation, feasibility and design of a replacement bridge
  • This funding resulted in a body of work to identify a range of different options that take into account the physical location of the new bridge, as well as technical assessment of factors that include:
    • its ability to withstand future flood events,
    • its interaction with the level rail crossing, and
    • its ability to improve the flow of traffic, including heavy vehicles, into the Wingham town centre.
  • These options formed the basis of a pop-up community consultation in Wingham, 27 April - 3 May, aimed at informing the community, collating their feedback and finalising the preferred option. A survey was also conducted through to 17 May giving everyone an opportunity to have a say.

  • After careful consideration of all options and the community feedback provided regarding the project and the options, a recommendation was put forward and subsequently adopted at the 28 June Council meeting.

  • The key elements of the adopted recommendation include:

    1. That the Cedar Party Creek Bridge replacement option with alignment through the Wingham Memorial Swimming Pool proceed to detailed design.
    2. That the detailed design also include investigation of the feasibility of conversion of the current bridge into a pedestrian/cycle bridge linking the Wingham Central Business District to Chrissy Golan Park.
    3. That grant funding from the State and / or Federal Governments (circa $19m) be sought to fund construction of the Cedar Party Creek Bridge replacement following completion of the detailed design.
    4. That any grant application for the Cedar Party Creek Bridge replacement include the full cost of building a new swimming pool complex including a 50m pool, children’s aquatic facilities and amenities.
    5. That the Cedar Party Creek Bridge replacement project be contingent upon constructing the new pool before removing the current pool.
    6. That authority be delegated to the General Manager to negotiate the purchase and enter into any contracts on behalf of Council utilising former Greater Taree City Council section 94 developer contribution funds for the Wingham Bowling Club site with a view to relocating the pool to this site prior to demolition of the current pool.
    7. That, in the event that negotiations with the Wingham Bowling Club are unsuccessful, the General Manager be delegated authority to hold discussions with landowners with suitable sites for a new pool with the aim of entering into a Deed of Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding for the purchase of the site following receipt of bridge grant funding and report back to Council before entering into any agreement.
    8. That consultation be undertaken with the Wingham community on planning for the construction of a new pool following a site being secured.

Next Steps:

  • Grant funding for this initial phase of investigation and design must be expended by the end of December, so a fully detailed design for the preferred option will be finalised by the end of this year.
  • This will then allow Council to seek suitable grant funding for the construction of the bridge.
  • A timeline for construction is not possible at this stage, as it will be contingent upon a successful grant application.
  • Bookmark this page, which is where we will continue to provide updates on this project as information becomes available.

Click below for information and footage that was distributed about the project during the consultation phase, where you will gain an in-depth understanding of the options considered. 


Watch our videos

The video below answers some of your questions about the potential bridge replacement designs, with a focus on the two designs considered most feasible.


The video below contains the full slide presentation used by MidCoast Council in the community consultations for the proposed Cedar Party Creek Bridge Replacement in Wingham. The slides include costings, construction times, and pros & cons for all options that are being considered.


The Video below contains the radio interview between MidCoast Council's Director of Engineering and Infrastructure, Ron Hartley, and Michael Spooner on ABC Mid North Coast about public consultation and options for replacing Cedar Party Creek bridge and the Wingham pool. Recorded Thursday 4 May 2017. This was posted on YouTube by Michael Spooner, and has not been produced by MidCoast Council.

We thank Mr Spooner and ABC Mid North Coast for the interview and for posting it on YouTube.


Review our Frequently Asked Questions here(PDF, 137KB).
We were also asked some very valid additional questions, specifically related to the information presented at the pop-up consultations. You can review these additional Q&A's here(PDF, 79KB).