An application for stormwater drainage work is required if you are:

  • Connecting a private drain with a public drain.  
  • Connecting stormwater drainage to a kerb and gutter, drainage easement or watercourse.
  • Carrying out work associated with on-site detention of stormwater.

As this work may have an impact on Council's drainage infrastructure we need to ensure that construction complies with the relevant standards. We need to make sure that our drainage system can handle the additional water without causing flooding problems. We also need to assess water quality to protect the health of our waterways.

How do I apply?

You can apply by lodging a stormwater application in person or by mail.

Gloucester: Activity Application(PDF, 43KB)

Great Lakes: Request for Consent to Carry Out a Section 138 Roads Activity - Hoarding(PDF, 83KB)

Manning Region: Stormwater Connection Application(PDF, 751KB)

You will need to submit your completed application form with a detailed stormwater drainage plan.