A driveway application is required for every driveway cross-over that connects a property with the roadway. As this work is on public land we need to ensure that construction complies with the relevant standards.  We also need to ensure that the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, is protected both during and after construction. 

Use this form to:

Apply for consent to construct a driveway.

Gloucester region: Residential Vehicle Crossings - Guidelines(PDF, 422KB)

Gloucester region: Industrial Vehicle Crossings - Guidelines(PDF, 182KB)

Great Lakes region: Driveway Application (Rural)(PDF, 208KB)

Great Lakes region: Driveway Application (Urban)(PDF, 159KB)

Manning region: Driveway Application(PDF, 773KB)

You will need to submit your completed application form with a detailed plan to confirm that your proposal complies with the relevant standard drawing.

Standard Drawings associated with regions are as follows:

Gloucester Region:

SD (1) Industrial Vehicle Crossing(PDF, 153KB)

SD101 Rural Driveways Gate Indents(PDF, 2MB)  

Great Lakes Region:

STD 26 Vehicular Access KG(PDF, 78KB)

STD 26R Vehicular Access Roll Top Kerb 3013(PDF, 82KB)

STD 26V Vehicular Access V Drain 2012(PDF, 146KB)

Manning Region:

Manning Region: Driveway Application(PDF, 773KB)

Manning Region: SD100 Urban driveway (Residential and Commercial)(PDF, 798KB)

Manning Region: SD101 Rural Driveway(PDF, 734KB)

Manning Region: SD102 CBD Paved Driveway(PDF, 372KB)